A Morning with Little Bear

Hi, everyone!

Mommy and I came down to Rhode Island to hang out with Grandmommy, and I think I wore her out. She’s really tired today, so she wanted me show you the pictures she took.

She says there are lots of folks who want to see how big I am now that I’m 6 weeks old.

That’s me being Superbaby!

Uncle James calls this my ‘Success-Baby’ pose… like a fist-pump. Grandmommy said I was “contemplating my fist…” She said my GG and PawPaw would know what that means, and laugh…

Grandmommy was telling really funny jokes. Sometimes they’re like…


But some are

Like THIS!

She also says I’m a wiggle-worm, and that’s why it’s a little blurry. I just thought it was my brand-new eyes playing tricks…

This was the first time I slept away from home for a night. I got to meet some more of Mommy’s friends, and Grandmommy showed me the dogs and the outside where I can play in the dirt when I’m bigger. I missed my Daddy, though. He had to work and couldn’t come…

I think I’m going to like this ‘Family’ thing…


8 thoughts on “A Morning with Little Bear

  1. Great pictures. I appreciate you sending them SOOO much. Yes, contemplating his fist is an old Jody thing. Niko is SO big!!! I can’t wait to see him and hold him in May.

    love you bunches,

    Granny/ GG

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the pictures. He is growing like a weed. I can hardly wait to see him. Does he have red hair. It sorta looks like it is. Love Nana.

    • It looks red in this light, but it’s hard to tell. I think it’s more like my hair – in some of my baby pictures it looked red, too, but the brown won out in the end.

      We should have a better idea by the time you get here!

  3. Thanks for posting the newest pictures of little Niko–he is sooo cute!! Know he is enjoying being at grandmother’s house and everyone making a fuss over him.

  4. He is so BIG for 6 weeks!! He will be hellping (?)
    you in the garden in no time.
    Thanks for the visit with him.That might be red hair!! I can rreddpmend red headed boys!!

    Grreat -Great Aunt Sue

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