Cool Pictures

Ok, so the Super Moon appears to have sapped all my creativity this week. Or at least my organization skills, which are shaky even in the best of times, so I have no recipe to share. It has nothing to do with the fact that I might have made something really cool, photographed all the steps well, and then let it get eaten without taking a final shot…

It’s all the Moon’s fault.

So, what I do have is a collection of pictures that are really nice, but never found a home in a post. Some are mine, some are The Boy’s. I’ve tried to keep them straight, but because we use the same camera, I may have missed one…

The first is one I took a few weeks ago, just after the snow began to melt. The coyotes were in the yard the night before, calling to one another. The next morning I found this patch of rabbit fur down at the pond. I hope they had more to eat than this one winter-scrawny rabbit…

This is one James took. It’s the condensation on the clear dome over a flat of seedlings. I love the perspective…

An orphan from this week’s ill-fated recipe. I just liked it too much to let it go.

The one I didn’t use for the oatmeal-drop cookies – and the real reason for this whole post today. I love this one. Could be mine, could be James’s… Doesn’t it make you want to lick the spoon?


2 thoughts on “Cool Pictures

  1. I can almost taste the peanut butter!!! The “almost” recipe is interesting. Makes me wonder what it almost was!!

    You are right about the perspective of James’ photography. It gets better all the time.

    • You should click on the peanut butter to see it full-sized. But not before breakfast…

      The recipe orphan is a half-cup of chopped shallots. I might get back to it, might not… I have recieved an urgent request for the chocolate pie recipe…

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