Spring Visitors

“The damn turkeys are in our yard…” John said.

Oh, goody. Visitors, just in time for the equinox.

I’ve been hearing them for a few weeks now, and I knew it was just a matter of time before they showed up…

I made him wait to let the dog out so that I could get a few pictures.

It’s not that I have anything against wild turkeys, but the ones here on the Island are pretty obnoxious. They’re not the shy, fearful creatures that the pheasants are – they run AT people instead of  AWAY… They block traffic on the roads, too, and look at the car as if to say,”What are YOU gonna do about it?”

After getting a few good snaps, I let my highly excited Golden out for some fun.

Trust me when I say that these birds were never in any kind of danger…

In case you were wondering, yes, turkeys can fly…

Dogs can’t.

And turkeys have more patience…


4 thoughts on “Spring Visitors

    • Glad you like it, Linda. I have a feeling they’ll be back, dog or no dog… There’s a house up the road where we see them all time. As long as the Burmese Mountain dog that lives there isn’t in the yard…

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