Spring Break

I think I need a break…

So I’m taking one!

Going to spend the next week getting some things done, so I can come back refreshed and ready to ‘Spring’ into the new season…

See you all a week from Monday!

P.S. They came back…


7 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Bought the ingredients for Niko’s Bean Soup today. We’ve already slurped our way through 3 batches of the Leek and Potato Soup…..thought it was time for a change! (Although I would have been just as happy with a 4th batch…..)

  2. A big thumbs up for Niko’s Bean Soup! It’s a bit more labor intensive than the Leek & Potato, but well worth every chop, slice and dice. I got smart this time and made a double batch the first time around…..hope it freezes well!

  3. Request: can you post how to make that chicken dish I love so much? Its something I want to make for friends when we get our own place 🙂 joe will at least eat SOME of it.

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