For the Boy

My Boy amazes me.

He can replace broken parts on my computer. He can figure out what’s wrong with said computer to begin with. He knows how to work the DVR. He takes nice pictures – like all the ones in this post.

He doesn’t cook.

Normally, this doesn’t bother me. He’s not-yet 20. He lives with his Dad and Stepmom, who feed him. He comes over here a couple of times a week, and I feed him. He’s not going to starve.

But, for 3 weeks, he’s going to be on his own, watching the house  – and dogs – while I’m away. We went to the grocery store to stock him up before I left. Frozen this. Frozen that. Stuff in boxes. Hot dogs.

No, hotdogs don’t count as ‘cooking’. Neither does Manwich.

I asked if maybe there was some simple recipe that I could teach him, something he could make from fresh ingredients…

Twice-Baked Potatoes. His eyes lit up.

Easy and versatile: Bake potatoes. Cut in half. Scoop out the centers (we used to call it the ‘guts’ when I made them at the market). Smoosh up the guts with cheese and other goodies – chives and plain yogurt in this case. Put the guts back into the potato shells. Bake again until golden-brown on top.

Even a computer geek can do it…

The question is: Will he? I made such a big batch the night before I left, that he may just feast on the leftovers. On the off-chance that he wants to do some for himself, what are some other suggestions for fillings?

Leave your ideas in the comments – I’ll let you know how it goes!

Recipe for Mom’s Twice-Baked potatoes

(Still having some picture issues, but finally got this done… More soon, one hopes!)


8 thoughts on “For the Boy

  1. I hope we get a “report” when you get back as to what he ate!!! Teen age boys usually find food. The potatoes sound good.

  2. Hmm, I learned to cook when I had a lot of roommates, a big house and a limited food budget in college. I made some mistakes too. A five-pound meatloaf with no filler.:) So there’s hope still. Suggestions, nothing too complicated. (Which you’re onto.) And comfort food. Manly stuff! Oh ha, you meant for the potatoes. Broccoli. He’s still growing.:)

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