Tour Phillipe le Bel

Before we set out for the tower, we did have the good sense to ask how many stairs. 120 – didn’t sound bad. Our legs had rested, and felt ready to tackle this next challenge.

Time to climb!

The sign on the outside tells little about the tower. It was built in the 13th century, and the very top addition was put up in the 14th. It was a watch-tower, a key structure in the defense of the town.

There’s not much to see inside – a curving spiral of stone stairs, that seem to rise forever. At 3 stages on the way up, there are large rooms off to the side. Sometimes art exhibitions are staged in these, but they were mostly empty this day.

Once you emerge at the top…

The Rhone stretches out at your feet…

Beautiful private gardens are revealed…

And across the river, the Palais de Pape (Papal Palace) glows on its hillside.

What – or who – goes up, must come down, and there was still some time left before dinner. A walk, perhaps?

A nice, FLAT walk… Along the canal… Where wild herbs grow in profusion.

And large fish swim lazily by…

A lovely way to end the day!


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