Sometimes, You Just Get Lucky…

Just not necessarily the way you’d expected.

Back in Paris for the week, and awaiting the arrival of some friends from the states, we were having our daily “Whadda you wanna do today?” discussion. The weather was stunning – warm and sunny, with just a hint of a breeze. Perfect for some garden-gawking.

The Jardin de Plantes in Paris has long been a favorite of mine. The park is large; it includes, among other things, a zoo, a natural history museum, and a large glass-house displaying tropical and desert plants. I’d never been inside that last one – it had been undergoing renovation for the last few years.

Still haven’t.

Closed on Tuesday. This was as close as I got.

Nice banana tree, though.

It was still a good day to wander the display gardens – take some pictures, make some notes, see what had changed since my last visit. We rounded a corner, and a wonderous thing happened…

A scent, a perfume, drawing me onward…

The rose garden was in bloom!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve arrived at this garden too late or too early to see this spectacle. My first-ever visit was in the Fall, when I could only admire the structure and layout of the garden, and read the nameplates attached to the various specimens.

And dream…

On Spring visits, I have been too early – or warm weather too late – and seen only tight, tiny buds that would burst forth only after I had returned to the US.

I have been too late, sometimes only by hours, it seems, and found the ground littered with a confetti of petals, but just a few stragglers still in-bloom.

This time, I hit it just right. We spent a lovely hour – or maybe more – intoxicated by the color and fragrance of a French rose garden at its peak. Old varieties and new. Climbers, shrubs, and hybrid teas. Moss roses, Gallicas and Bourbons. Single blooms to blowsy cabbage roses…

I’ll hush now, and let them talk.

Lucky, lucky day…


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