The Green, Green Grass of Home

It was dark and chilly when we stepped off the train in Rhode Island. A cold, damp wind was blowing.

“At least they were wrong about the rain,” John said as he wandered off into the night to find our car.

By the time he brought it around for me and the luggage, it had begun to drizzle.

Fine welcome home, that…

But morning came. Too soon for my travel-addled brain, perhaps, but once it did, I was anxious to see how spring had progressed while I was gone. The first thought that sprang to mind was…


Three weeks earlier, my world was still filled with winter browns and bare branches. The forsythia and daffodils were blooming, adding yellow to the palette. The leaves and buds on the trees, still tightly furled…

And now, here was Spring, in all its glory. The apple trees in bloom. Wild strawberries carpeting the ground…

Fish, frogs and turtles active in the pond. The barn swallows diving and wheeling in the sky.

I am home, and all is well…

To be sure, it is still chilly up here – especially after spending 3 weeks in the sunny 70’s. Nighttime temps are not yet above 50 with any regularity, and the morning I took these pictures was the last bright day we had – more than a week ago now. Warm weather is late, even for New England.

Ah, well… It’s still time to get my hands dirty!


6 thoughts on “The Green, Green Grass of Home

  1. Welcome home, Marie and have fun digging in the dirt!! 🙂 Thanks for your posts while you were away…..It is suppose to get to 90 degrees today here in Louisiana..send some of that cool temp down our way…

    • Nope, that’s one of the azealeas down by the pond. It’s been here a lot longer than I have, so I don’t know if it was bred to have the color ‘breaks’ like that, or if it has a virus or something. Either way, it’s pretty…

      I hadn’t thought about four o’clocks in years – what fun it was to wait for them to open in the evenings when my kids were little! Suppose I’ll be planting them for Niko in a few years. 🙂

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