Niko’s Corner

Hey everybody! It’s me, Niko! I’m helpin’ my Grandmommy out today while she gets her chores done.

At least, that’s what she said she was gonna do. I never knew taking a nap was a chore, and I do it every day!

So, I’m gonna tell you about the Big Adventure we had last week…

I knew something was up when Mommy loaded me into the car in the afternoon. She said we were going somewhere new – I think she called it the ‘airport’ – and there were going to be people there who came to see ME!

A little while later, my Grandmommy and my Uncle James showed up! I was really happy to see them – Grandmommy was gone for a long time, and I missed her. I’m glad she’s home now. I always like to see Uncle James – he’s funny.

But Mommy said they weren’t who we were waiting for…

So, we all sat in some chairs that faced these big glass doors. The doors would open sometimes, and people came out, but they weren’t our people…

All of a sudden, Mom, James and Grandmommy got excited! The doors opened up, and two ladies came out. They scooped me up, and ran over to hug them. Then they said, “Niko, this is your GG, and your Nana.” GG is my Mommy’s Grandmommy, and Nana is Grandmommy’s Grandmommy! They came all the way from Oklahoma and Arkansas to meet me!

We had some kind of fun for the next few days! Mommy and I spent the night in Rhode Island, and we went out for breakfast. And lunch. And Nana and GG talked to me in their soft voices and played with me, and told me how glad they were to meet me…

After that, they all came up to MY house, and I got to show them all the things I can do…

Winston! Move! She’s taking my picture, not yours!

That’s better.

I’m getting really good at this part! I can roll over onto my back, too! But, the last time I did that, it was a little scary. I need more practice before I’ll do it for company…

We all went to the mall together, to a place where there was a lady with a flashy-thing like the one Grandmommy has, only it was bigger. We all sat together in front of her. She made funny faces, and rattled things, and I laughed…

And the flashy-thing flashed! That’s what they wanted me to do!

She flashed it a lot of times, sometimes just with me, sometimes with all of us, or just Nana and me…

What’s that?


Grandmommy said to tell you she’ll put the others up on Flickr tomorrow. She’s pretty tired right now, and she has al… Al-what? Oh. All-er-gies.

I know what she means about the tired part:

I’m beat! Good thing my Daddy makes a good bed…

Nana and GG are back at home, now. It sure was fun while they were here! I hope I can go see them soon!


10 thoughts on “Niko’s Corner

  1. I’m ever so proud of my monkey for writing this…Must have been while I was sleeping last night! I knew he wasn’t really “sleeping” through the night.
    Niko misses his Grandmommy, GG, and Nana. We all had so much fun 🙂

  2. Trips to Europe are great icing, but this is the cake, isn’t it? I absolutely LOVE the family picture, and all of the other shots… are all blessed indeed.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of Niko and the rest of your family.. I especially loved the 5 generation picture–not many people get to have one of those. Of course the star was Niko and he was perfect!!!

  4. What a beautiful bunch of ladies to surround one handssome lttle boy!!
    You dont’ suppose he ha a chanaceof being spoiled, do you?The5 generation photo is a prize!That photoooographer gets a star for gettng five peop;e to smile genuonely all at once.God bless you all.

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