Asparagus Dreams

I’m dreaming of asparagus…

Fat, juicy spears of asparagus. First local veggie of the spring….

Why am I dreaming, when it’s already here?

Because it doesn’t grow in my garden.


And the road to home-grown starts here. What are those things? And why are they buried in my yard? And, how on earth do they relate to asparagus?

The what is easier than the why. What they are is a bunch of concrete curbstones, buried in a corner of our property. Why they’re here is anybody’s guess – they were already in-residence when Hubby bought the property 20+ years ago.

What do they have to do with asparagus? Drag a few of them out of the muck, stand them up, and you get this:

Fill it with compost, and then what do you get? A new raised bed for planting asparagus crowns!

Which is exactly what we did.

Aside from the coolness of being able to recycle these old (ugly) curbstones into something useful and productive, this is the first time I’ve gotten to dig into the compost pile for a major project. I’m pretty pleased with the results of my ‘lazy method’ – i.e., pile it up and let it rot…

My sources tell me that the way to plant asparagus is in a trench. I had 16 crowns to plant, so I made 2 long trenches, about twelve inches deep.

I don’t know if Cleo wanted to help dig, or was just hoping we’d scare-up a mouse or two.

Trenches dug, the crowns were spaced evenly at the bottom. No, I don’t measure. Yes, it occasionally comes back to bite me. But not often. I might have a lousy sense of direction, but I’m pretty good at spatial relations…

Crowns in, and the only thing left is to cover them.

And wait.

When the first green shoots appear, I’m supposed to cover them a little more, then a little more, and so on, until they’re mounded-up. Now, I’ll be honest – this was planted more than 2 weeks ago, and there’s no green yet. I’m afraid that the crowns may have been too dried-out to survive. We had planned to do this before leaving for vacation in April, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Wresting thousand-pound chunks of cement from the ground in an icy downpour is never a good idea. The crowns had been purchased, and were left to their own devices while we were gone…

Oh, well…if not this year, then it’ll be ready to go next spring. And, there’ll be an extra bed for something else this summer.

Potatoes, maybe?


6 thoughts on “Asparagus Dreams

  1. Wow those cement things are a find. Put to great use. I’m sure they will come up, maybe they just need more time. I always live in hope. I have some seeds that I planted and everything else has come up, but not some, I live in hope they will come up, but I know it is time to give up and move on. Good luck.

  2. I’m a little envious of your cement curbs. What a great use for them! Give the crowns time. They’ll come up. I planted my asparagus bed about 3-4 years ago. I remember waiting and waiting and waiting for signs of life, afraid I’d killed them somehow. When they did come up, they were blended in so well with the surroundings that I didn’t see them until I was at ground level, pulling some weeds.

    Fresh from the garden is the best stuff ever. 🙂 Our season just finished, but we ate a lot of asparagus spears over the last 6-8 weeks. Yummy!

    • Well, that does give me hope… Hubby was up there yesterday looking it over, and shouted, “You’ve got one!”

      Um, no. That’s a weed seed. Poor city boy… 😉

      Like I said, if they don’t sprout this year, I’ll use the bed for something else over the summer, and re-plant next spring. I can adjust…

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