people have lived here for a very long time…

Not in my house, per se. It was built in the 1970’s. But the land it sits on was settled in Colonial times. In fact, the original family is still next door…

Sort of.

We find their stuff all the time.

When the guys pulled the curbstones up a few weeks back, a whole new trove was uncovered. Not Colonial – this is of a more recent vintage…

There’s no way to tell how long ago the old cabin in the lot next door was abandoned. It was already just a cellar-hole surrounded by rubble when Hubby moved here in the early 80’s. The age of many of the things I find seem to indicate that someone was there until the 40’s or 50’s.

Or maybe someone was just using it as a dump…

Some of the bottles are easy to identify. The tall one was ketchup. The tiny one has to have been Cutex nail polish remover – nothing else is shaped that way.

No doubts about what this one held…

I have no idea what this was, but if you recognize it, let me know. The neck of the bottle seems very narrow for its overall size.

This old shot glass is a real prize – it’s completely intact. Hope it doesn’t disintegrate when I clean it up…

This light fixture is amazing. No chips, no cracks – like someone just brought it home from the hardware store.  I should put it away, in case we need it…

Or leave it for a future wanderer – wonderer? – to find.


6 thoughts on “Artifacts

  1. Good morning!!! How nice to get a post from you today. This reminds me of “If walls could talk” on HGTV, which I enjoy if I am up early enough. I like your new header, too. Have a wonderful day.

    • The glass was photographing better than the rusty metal and bits of leather… I will never again be surprised when I hear about archeologists uncovering ancient shoes… There are so many shoes and workboots on the other side of that wall!

  2. Could that unknown bottle have held Bay Rum? That was used as an aafte-shave
    badkin my dad’s dayIt might also have been used as a drinlk!!The narrow nneck lets out small amoounts. Was AVON in bussinensnsn then???

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