Lest You Think I’ve Lost My Mind…

And have nothing but tomatoes and asparagus this year…

The radishes are up, ready to be thinned…

(Yeah. Like I ever get around to thinning!)

The beans are shooting skyward…

(After last year’s disaster with the bean poles, they’ve been replaced by sturdy steel.)

The Salad Bowl is ready for another haircut…

(And time to plant another round of lettuce!)

The beets, chard and carrots are up…

(Look close. They’re there.)

The cucumbers (and squash) are… well, they’re planted…


At least the apple tree doesn’t need any help from me!



8 thoughts on “Lest You Think I’ve Lost My Mind…

  1. Salad bowl!! What a fantastic idea. That’s what I should do. Sometimes I don’t want to trudge out to the garden (which feels like it’s half a mile away, although it isn’t). I keep herbs close to the house, in pots. I should do the same with some of the lettuces.

    I love, love, love what you’ve done with your apple tree. And, like Rufus, I’ve got a serious case of garden envy. Your garden looks wonderful (whereas mine is about to be overtaken by weeds if I don’t start doing some serious weeding out there).

    • The Salad Bowl was to keep the rabbits and voles from eating my baby lettuces – always a problem in early spring around here. Worked like a charm!

      I can’t take too much credit for the apple tree – we bought a grafted espalier when we built the kitchen garden 4 years ago. All I had to do was learn to prune it to keep it in shape. I would dearly love to find someone who could teach me to do it ‘from scratch’, but no luck so far…

      I might not be able to find time to weed either, if I had a pond like yours… Mine is just a little mud-hole by comparison, and it’s distracting enough!

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