A Morning Walk, Continued

All tanked-up on caffeine?

Then let me show you the rest…

Crossing the front, down by the road, take a glance at the willow grove. A Vernal stream cuts between two stands of white willow. Until recently, it was all overgrown with bittersweet and wild roses. It had to be cut the first time so that the little stream could be trenched – it was so silted-up that it was just a mosquito nursery. Running water is so much better…

On the other side of the driveway, the elderflower is in full bloom. Someday, I’ll try my hand at making elderflower cordial. It’s supposed to be really easy; the wild yeasts that the flowers attract practically do all the work for you. Not this year, though…

From here, turn north and look back up the driveway.

In front is the big apple tree. Then the pear – not having a great year, that one – two young oaks, and a black walnut. The grassy-looking stuff is a bed of daylillies.

Check out the apples:

This tree is loaded this year! This bunch really should be thinned-out, but it’s beyond my reach, even on the ladder. Gonna have to count on Mother Nature to take care of that.

Or the squirrels…

A few of the daylillies have started to open. This bed has had a long road back to looking good. It was installed years ago by a landscaper who told Hubby that it was a ‘no maintenance’ bed. By the time I arrived here, it was something of a mess… But, daylillies are tough critters – a few years of careful weeding, and it has regained its former glory.

Ok, now just come up the sidewalk, past the blooming Kousa dogwood, and we’ll be at the vegetable garden.

Still in shadow, on the west side.

Good. Makes it harder to see all those weeds… I think this just jumped to the top of the project list.

The herb garden looks good. Sage, fennel, tarragon, thyme…

…basils (newly planted), parsley, and a giant oregano. Who would have though that a Mediterranean native like that would do so well up here? Honestly, the thing’s a real bully. But, it tastes good, so what’re ya gonna do?

One more thing to check on…

The asparagus bed. Looking good! Thirteen of the original 16 have come up…

Wait a minute.

Make that 14!

The tomatoes I put up here seem to be doing well. Nothing’s eating them, anyway…

That’s the end of the walk. Time to grab the wheelbarrow, and get after those weeds…


You want to know what’s back there

Sorry, my friend. The woods will have to wait…there’s work to be done, and no better time than now to do it…

Another day. I promise.


8 thoughts on “A Morning Walk, Continued

    • There are some really beautiful places near you, too. Wild concord grapes are good, but I miss southern scuppernogs…
      Hopefully, I’ll get a bushel or two of apples from that tree this year. The squirrels have stripped it bare for the last 2…

  1. Marie, I can’t imagine a more perfect match than you and that piece of property……and a wonderful husband came with it to boot!! How very blessed you are, and what fun it is to enjoy your blessings vicariously!

    • I remind myself every morning how lucky I am…the little girl from town who always wanted to live in the country. I’m blessed to be here, and to share it with my friends and family…

      The Hubby was a great find, too! 😉

  2. OMG, I can’t believe how big it is, how big is it? I dream of having something like that. Must be amazing, you could almost do whatever you liked. I have a suburban back yard and it is small, I do what I can.
    I looked on Amazon for that book, but it was so much more expensive, and it is such a heavy book, that it would cost a fortune to send.

    • We’ve got 4 acres. What was in ‘the walk’ was the front 2. The back 2 are pretty overgrown right now – been concentrating on the existing beds. I gardened for years in a series of suburban lots, and this does feel a little like heaven…
      Haven’t searched Amazon US yet, but I will soon. If it’s that much more, looks like you did get a good deal! Will let you know if I find a copy …

  3. Well, I feel like I’ve walked with you again. I don’t remember the stream. Guess I’ll look for it next time!!!

    • It was too cold to walk that far when you were here last month, and before that, it was just a jungle… When we finally cut it back last year, some of the bittersweet vines were as thick as my arm..

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