Flight School

Ever wander down to a favorite coffee shop, only to find it temporarily closed? Disappointing, right?

Now, suppose that coffee place was in your own back yard…

And the ‘management’ flew into a rage when you tried to open the door…

That’s exactly what happened to me when I tried to have my coffee on the deck a few mornings ago. The swallows, who, up until now, had been tolerant of my presence so close to their nest, drove me back inside before I got two steps out the door, screeching at me and dive-bombing my head.

I was pretty sure I knew what was up…

My table was occupied – by baby swallows.

Not surprising. The chorus of chirping that greeted the parent birds’ return to the nest had grown louder in the last week. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they fledged.

But, surely, all that noise didn’t come from just these two…

Ah, I see.. Three more, on the rail. Mama and Daddy are off catching bugs to feed them, and giving basic flying lessons. The little ones can’t go very far yet, but they all seem to have the idea. They’ve spent the last three days out there, and I don’t know when I’ll get my seat back…

Should probably put up a sign:

Closed for Private Party…

Apologies for the picture quality…didn’t realize how badly the glass on the door needed cleaning until I had to shoot through it…


6 thoughts on “Flight School

  1. They used to build on the porch at Geronimo Road School. In the summer when they fledged, Glen, the custodian put out orange cones and signs directing folks, not many in the summer,of course, to an alternate entrance.

    • Once they could fly, the parents stopped objecting to me being close. By Saturday afternoon, they were flying around my head, and landing a few feet away. It’s early in the summer, so this pair might even raise a second brood…

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