First to harvest, that is… My little black currant bush is absolutely loaded with fruit! This is its second season, and it looks like I’ll get a couple of pounds.

If I can be faster than the birds, that is…

Even the beleaguered red currant managed a few berries. The deer ate it down to stubs over the winter, but didn’t touch the black currant growing right beside it. File that under ‘mysteries of the universe’… I plan to dig it out and bring it closer to the house in a few weeks.

Up next?



10 thoughts on “FIRST!

    • You know, I learned to can last summer, but we eat so little jam around here that I don’t make very much of it. I DO have a pickled blueberry recipe that I’m dying to try… It should go great with pork or chicken.
      The currants will probably go in the dehydrator, and a quick sauce for for some duck breasts.

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