Updates, All Around

Now that I’ve got my head back together (somewhat), let me show you some of what’s going on around here these hot summer days…

The Borlatti beans, an Italian shell bean, are full of pods and starting to fill out. It’s been forever since I grew bush beans, and I’d forgotten what heavy-bearers they are.

If you’ve never eaten these, I recommend trying them. They have a wonderful creamy texture, whether you eat them fresh or dry them. It’s like the Italian version of a Blackeyed Pea.

Meanwhile, their cousins, the pole beans have reached the tops of their supports, and are in bloom.

It’s going to be a very bean-y August around here…

Over in the squash bed, the zucchini is starting to come in. I’ve picked two tender little babies already, and there are three more waiting now.

The first two were very tasty, sliced into ribbons with a y-shaped vegetable peeler and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and herbs…

Right next door, the yellow squash has its first fruit. Ratatouille, coming very soon!

These guys also share a bed with the little pickling cukes, which I am about to be innundated with…but they didn’t photograph very well this morning. You’ll see plenty of them in the coming weeks. Trust me.

The chard is ready for harvest.

Pay no attention to the weeds. Please.

All of the tomatoes are doing well, although my distraction over the last week hasn’t been great for the ones in pots, which should have been watered more regularly…

These are a couple of the ‘mystery tomatoes’ planted to climb the trellis at the garden entrance. Still waiting for them to step up and identify themselves…

These guys are no mystery! This is the batch of French tomatoes, growing in the Earthboxes on the deck.

If this is a race, they’re winning.

Not only will they ripen the first fruits – this guy should be ready next week – but they are covered in tomatoes!

Here, have a look:

 There are dozens of tomatoes on these 4 plants. Lots of sauce to can by the first of September!

The update on Sweet Cleo is not quite so happy…the diagnosis is a heart condition. She’s home with us, and pretty much her normal self, but slower. Her long-walk days are done, and we hope she is good at self-regulating how hard she should chase the rabbits. Knowing what we do now, many of her behaviors over the last few years make sense… She’s an old dog, and now’s the time for us to just love her…

Thanks to all of you for your support and suggestions.


9 thoughts on “Updates, All Around

  1. Your garden looks wonderful, especially the tomatoes!!! How did you cook the zucchini? I enjoy eating it but need a new idea for cooking.

    I’m glad you have a diagnosis for Cleo. And I’m glad she is home with you. I have always loved that dog.

    • I didn’t cook it, just dressed it. The ones I used were so small that the seeds hadn’t formed yet – tender and tasty!

      I’ll give Cleo a hug for you! All the vets and techs at the hospital loved her, too…

  2. I have just discovered your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoy it. Your garden looks wonderful. I’m still a couple weeks away from having ripe tomatoes. My husband like to eat zucchini the same way as you, when it is so young and tender.

    • Hi, Karen! So good to have you here! Your blog looks great.
      Hmmmm, loves gardening, cooking, wandering around back road, and France… Are we related? 😉
      As for the zucchini, I finally got a y-peeler last month, and I’m so in love with it! Been plowing thru the fridge for new things to make ‘ribbons’ out of. Radishes and fennel are a current favorite.
      Hope you’ll stop by often, and comment regularly!

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