July Photos

Here were are, at the tail-end of July. Is it possible? Before we turn another page on the calendar, I wanted to share a few of this month’s photos that never quite made it into a post of their own.

If you’ve spent much time around here at all, you know how much I love the early mornings. I’m sure this comes as a great surprise to anyone who knew me when I was younger…but being able to see the world in this light is a gift.

This is my summer, in a nutshell. Or a squash blossom. The lazy hum of the bees, the bright yellow flowers. These are the images that keep me warm in the long, dark winters.

I think of this one as ‘finding beauty, wherever it may be.’ Weed or wildflower? Depends on your focus…

And then, there’s this guy. He – or someone(s) like him – sails over my house regularly. It must be thrilling, to soar up there in the blue…



8 thoughts on “July Photos

  1. So happy that you let us share in your photos, stunning. The Queen Ann’s Lacy before being fully open is so pretty. I have seen many florists use it and yet many consider it a weed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • I always thought it was odd that the seed catalogs have a flower called – if I remember correctly – ‘Ammi Majus’, common name ‘Bishop’s Flower’ that is just a larger Queen Anne’s Lace.
      And why, exactly, would I want to pay for it, when there are fields of it everywhere? 🙂

  2. Fantastic photos!!! Colors are lovely, too. No colors at all here, almost no green!!! Thanks for sharing your colors.

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