A New Month

And a new project.

I learned to can last summer, and I think I’m hooked…

The bright jewels in the picture are Honey-Bourbon Pickled Blueberries – a recipe that sounded just too good to pass up. That recipe came from a new magazine from Better Homes and Gardens that’s simply called Canning. I won’t reprint it here – copyright, and all that – but if you’ve got an interest in ‘putting up’, grab a copy next time you’re at the grocery store.

This ain’t your grandma’s pickle recipe!

I’ve also made a batch of cherry-walnut relish.( Not that we grow cherries; they just looked great at the store.) I’ve got other recipes marked to try – probably more than I’ll ever get to.

But it’s gonna’ be fun trying!

The first cukes of the season came in on Monday, and, with any luck, will be safely tucked away in jars of brine by weeks end…

The hardest part? Choosing a recipe. Sweet? Dill? Hot? Garlic?

Where to start?

All I know is, I’ve got to start now…

There are lots more on the way!

I’ve started a new page to keep track of  my canning/freezing/drying exploits this season. Find it at the top of the homepage, under ‘Preserved’…


10 thoughts on “A New Month

  1. I have always liked the idea of canning my own stuff, my grandmother used to do it, but have never really got into it. I would also like to make my own jam. Love the idea of that but could never see the sense in spending a fortune on the fruit to do it, maybe when I get my own fruit from my garden I can do it.

    • There are some new books and websites out there now that are developing ‘small batch’ canning recipes. Lots of us want to learn how, but we don’t have the big gardens – or kitchens – that our grandmothers had. The blueberry pickles were the biggest batch I’d ever done, and that only took 8 cups of fruit…
      I’ve still got one of the little brochures that came with my canning kit – do you want me to send it to you?

  2. Marie, I googled (sweet pickles using cinnamon ) and got a bunch ofrecipes.
    Try it abd maybe one will be like your gramma’s

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