The Further Adventures of Niko-Bear

Hey, everybody! Long time, no see! Grandmommy’s really busy catching up on stuff, so she asked me to fill in for her and tell you about our weekend!

Boy, did we have FUN!

Mommy and I came down to Rhode Island on Saturday. Some of Mommy’s friends were going to be in town, and she wanted to see them. (My Daddy had to work – he works really hard.)

On Sunday, after I made a big mess having my breakfast – did I tell you I eat big-boy food sometimes now? I’m SIX MONTHS OLD! Anyway, Grandmommy decided we should go to the store and get me a highchair to keep at her house.

My cousin Chloe can use it too. I guess…

She got me a surprise, too!

A BOOK! And one that I can chew on! It’s about a frog… Everybody says I look like a frog when I’m trying to crawl…

I’m not green, am I?

Anyway, about that ‘crawling’ stuff…I did it. Once… But, I’m not sure exactly how I made it happen. I know I was up on my arms…and my legs moved…and I went forwards. So, I’ve been kicking my legs out behind me A LOT to try and do it again. Grandmommy says frogs kick like that.

The one in my book doesn’t. He just sits there and smiles…

I got to try out my new highchair for dinner. They were right – I didn’t make such a big mess this time. And, they had another thing for me to try…

My first Big-Boy cup!

It was a little hard to figure out – I knew there was juice in there, but it’s not like a bottle… I’m getting the hang of it, but I’ll need more practice.

Did you know juice is sticky when you shake it out of the cup and onto your head?

I knew what was coming next…my favorite thing at Grandmommy’s house!

I get to take a bath with the Mirror-Baby! He’s fun. Even when I slipped and bumped my noggin, he was there to laugh with me.

Sink-baths are very splashy, too.

Why’d you move back with the flashy-thing, Grandmommy?

So, we had a fun weekend. I’m back home now, and Grandmommy’s doing TONS of laundry and picking vegetables. She says to tell you she’s sorry she’s been away so long, but, well, you know…company happens!



12 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Niko-Bear

  1. Niko, you are a good writer. I love it when you blog for your grandmommy. I’m glad you got a book, they are very important. I’d love to see you practice crawling!!! I love you, Niko


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