New Flower Bed

Note to Self: Just because a bit of ground was REALLY good at growing grass last year, before you decided to expand this bed into the yard, DOES NOT mean it will automatically be a great flower bed…

Put some compost on it, for cryin’ out loud…

Of course, this doesn’t help, either…


8 thoughts on “New Flower Bed

    • I’ve given up trying to keep her out of there…The first rule of landscaping is not to put new beds in established walkways. Not entirely because of soil compaction, but because pets – or kids – won’t change their habits and keep right on walking…

      Another one for the ‘I knew better…’ file.

  1. My dog has roaming rights to the entire yard. Let me plant a seed, plant, bush, or tree, and Max will fixate on that area until I plant something somewhere else. And when all else fails, he’ll steal a tomato. Between him and my nemesis, The Squirrel, it’s a wonder anything makes it to my table.

    • HA! Theiving isn’t a problem with Sweet Cleo – that was Chloe’s game. She’d look around to make sure no one was watching, grab a low-hanging apple, and run off under a bush to eat it.
      Cleo’s more interested in the small, furry things – a.k.a. ‘live squeak toys’ – that might be hiding in the hedge…

  2. There’s always next year!!! Love the picture of sweet Cleo investigating the hydrangas. I’ll bet it’s cool in there on a hot day.

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