The Waiting Game

Got all the pink-ish tomatoes yesterday, and the green ones that looked like they would fall when the wind starts came in this morning. (Feels like about 10 pounds, total.) Picked the last of the shell beans, a bunch of pole beans, a few summer squash, and every cucumber over an inch long. All the rest will just have to tough it out…

I wish there was a good way to explain the atmosphere today, but I’m not sure the right words even exist. It’s still – and strange. Silent, but not… The birds are active, but staying close to dense cover, flitting through the trees, but not hunting on the open lawn.

Sweet Cleo is nervous.

So now, we wait. And watch. And hope for the best.

Stay safe, everyone.


10 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. so glad you are rememberng us who are hangong by our nails waiting to see whar is happening in your garden ( and in your basememt)
    May Mother Nature be kind to you.

  2. Well done on the crop you picked! Animals are incredibly sensitive, I´m sure Sweet Cleo will look after you and you her. Stay safe, hope Irene passes you by without causing too much damage.

  3. Good to hear from you. I’m a member of Aunt Sue’s white knuckle gang!!! I guess they still have no solid prediction as to where it will come ashore. I’ve heard Providence mentioned only once.

    Keep us posted, please, and try to calm Cleo. They are very sensitive to the weather!!


    • Hubby’s been through a lot of these, and he says it’s the strangest storm he can remember…it shouldn’t be able to re-form, but it is. No real rain down here yet at 4:45, just a lot of heavy mist.
      You guys drive safe!

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