In the Winds’ Wake

Comes the clean-up.

Obviously, this is not one of our trees. We don’t have sand traps. Hubby took this on his walk yesterday morning…

This one is ours – a big multi-trunked willow near the property line that just split apart…

This was one strange storm. Not much in the way of rain – about two inches – but the winds… Even at 5 pm, when the storm center was way up in New Hampshire, we still had gale-force winds down here.

Eighteen hours of wind, howling and whistling and roaring. Hubby has lived in the Northeast his entire life, and can’t remember another storm like it…

A quick recap of events:

The power went out to the entire Island at 10 am on Sunday, when one of the two transmission towers blew over, striking the second tower and bringing it down, too. Our generator kicked in, so we still had power to the important parts of the house. Phone and internet still worked, too. I mostly spent the day pacing around from window to window, watching everything get battered by the wind.

The winds carried salt-spray from the ocean, adding to the damage on the plants. There’s a joke here somewhere about pre-brining the cucumbers, but someone else is going to have to make it…

Things finally calmed down about 10 pm.

At 4:30 Monday morning, we lost the phone and internet. As it turns out, the phone system’s back-up batteries were only good for about 20 hours… Who knew? And the debate was whether or not to tie-up a repair truck with a generator, or wait for the power to come back.

They waited.

Which was fine. Our power, and the phone, was restored by about 3:30 yesterday.

All in all, we were pretty lucky. There’s no damage to the house, and there was no real flooding around here. Our power came back on when the transmission lines went back up – others have the more complex problem of local lines downed by trees. Large parts of the area are still dark, and not expected to be back up until the end of the week.

In the garden the squash got beat all-to-hell by the wind, and burned by the salt. They’re probably done for the year. Some of the tomatoes blew down, and there’s a little salt damage, but I think they’ll survive. The poor pole beans have no leaves at all on the south-facing side, but should come back just fine in a week or so.

We lost all the pears… And that poor little tree was having such a good year.

Conclusion? It could have been a lot worse…our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone still dealing with the effects of Irene…And a huge “Thank You” to all of you out there who thought of, and prayed for us…

Can August be over now? It’s been an awful month.



20 thoughts on “In the Winds’ Wake

  1. Did the sea spray damage the dirt under the plants? Do you think you will have to replace the top of the soil? Great pictures. Glad sweet Cleo got in a picture!!!

    • It shouldn’t be so bad that I have to replace soil – it’s mostly just plant damage. And it’s minor on most of them…the compost-pile squash still look pretty good!.
      Cleo’s a camera hog…I have 5 pictures of her for every one of Chloe. But, Chloe knew how to POSE… 🙂

    • Thanks, Greg. Unfortunately, most of the pears weren’t close enough to ripe to bother with. They needed at least 3 more weeks on the tree… Which is why I’m going up to Massachusetts to pick apples – and pears! – with my kids in a few weeks… They got the rain from the storm, and we got the wind…

  2. We got wind too, ya know…that tree didn’t smash that guys truck on its own. But we didn’t get it nearly as bad. And the apartment was pretty much untouched. Go us!

  3. Glad to hear that you are all safe & sound and that your home, despite the sustained winds, weathered the storm pretty well. I hope that whatever damage the winds and salt caused is short-lived. You can’t be mending broken plants when there’s canning to be done!

  4. I’m so glad to hear there was only minimal damage. But damage enough to ruin your hard work growing your fruits and veggies. Here in Florida we experience this more often so I know well your experience. Clean up and move forward!!

  5. We have to be thankful that the storm wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We went to Maine on Thursday and still had no power for two days. Back on one day and off again for part of today. Let’s hope Katia turns out to sea. Sorry about your pears, mine were all on the ground also. At least we both didn’t have damage to our homes.

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