What Is It?

Found this when we were taking the lawn furniture down before the Big Blow…

Is it an ancient urn? A first-grade art project? Something from aliens?

It’s actually a mud dauber’s nest, and a kind I had never seen before. This type is called a potter wasp – for obvious reasons. I hated to have to brush them off; this is one type of wasp that’s good to have in the garden….

Tucked away inside that clay vessel is a single egg, and a supply of food for the larvae. What do they eat? All kinds of Bad Bugs! The kind of nasties that munch on the vegetables. The adult wasp catches them, and seals them up in the pot. The larvae feed on them after they hatch. When they emerge as adults, the whole thing starts over again…

I hope they can rebuild this year…


14 thoughts on “What Is It?

  1. We called them dirt daubers when I was little. Another good thing is that they don’t sting like a yellow jacket or wasp. Their nests looked different so…. southern daubers need more “doors”

    Have a good day. Love the picture!!

  2. Well, if it’s true that “you learn something new everyday,” thanks to your post, I can take the rest of the day off. I wouldn’t want to overdo this learning thing.

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