Lemon Verbena

So, it’s almost time to take the lemon verbena to the basement for the winter – it’s not real good with our New England winters…

Before it goes downstairs, I always give it a haircut, and dry the leaves. Mostly, they get used for tea in the winter, but this thing’s gotten so big that I’m looking for suggestions for other uses… Marisa at Food In Jars had the idea of infusing it into honey (re-blogged by Cecilia, using honey from her OWN HIVES!). I like the sound of that, but I was wondering if anyone else had something special that they do with it…

So, dish it up in the comments!

Winter is coming, as the Starks say…


20 thoughts on “Lemon Verbena

  1. I’m reminded of a line from GWTW where Scarlett O’Hara notes that her mother always smelled faintly of lemon verbena. Maybe you could make lemon verbena sachets (and then go sit on the veranda and sip a mint julep, while idly twirling your parasol and saying things like “fiddle-dee-dee”……)

    • I’d forgotton all about that scene… 🙂
      I do know that it’s perfume lasts a long time…people used to tuck sachets into their linen closets, and (supposedly) you could still smell it decades later…
      (As to the other, I haven’t said, “fiddle-de-dee” in a dog’s age, but I think I might still have a parasol somewhere….)

  2. I can never throw out roses, so I hang dry them and have them everywhere!! When I use them as centerpieces, I will slip in my dried oregano, so possibly this would work as well with those long stems…and probably smell even more amazing than my oregano!!

  3. I had no idea lemon verbena didn’t winter well and as a result of that lack of knowledge, killed the plant I had before I discovered any good uses for it other than drying the leaves and using them in tea.

    Good luck. 🙂

    • I had my first plant many many moons ago when I still lived in Oklahoma…the label said ‘tender’, but I thought for sure it would be all right outside…
      I think I waited for that poor naked twig to start putting on new leaves until the next October.
      Live and learn! 🙂

  4. There is a Lemon Verbena Ice Cream recipe from Bon Appetit on epicurious. My younger sister made it and it was swooningly delicious. Possibly the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a LOT of ice cream in my time. I will make some myself when I can finally lay hands on some verbena again–hard to find, fragile plant that it is. But sheer heaven when found!
    Great blog. Cecilia pointed me here and I’m delighted to be wandering your site, and will continue to do so!

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