A Change In The Air

There’s a nip in the air today…fall is on the way.

Not that it’s a surprise or anything…the goldenrod started blooming a few weeks ago.

The hydrangeas have gone from blue, to straw, to deep burgundy.

The Queen Anne’s Lace has gone to seed.

And the rosehips are ripening.

The beech trees are full of beechnuts. The mornings are so silent, I can hear the squirrels chewing on them in the upper branches.

Time to turn the compost pile means time bring in the last of the squash. Quite a haul this year…

And soon – very soon – it will be apple time…



26 thoughts on “A Change In The Air

    • There’s no telling if some of those hybrid are going to be good eating or not until it gets cold enough to start cooking them. Even if they’re not, it’s a pretty display!
      Someday I might get around to trying to make some rosehip jam…these are so tiny – and seedy – that it’s hard to get excited about them. Besides, I have to leave them for the critters to eat in the winter!

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Fall is nipping at us, too. I had to have a sweat shirt jacket this morning to feed MK’s cats. We’ve had rain, wonderful wet rain!!!

  2. Autumn is the best time of the year where we are. The trees changing colour means it is beautiful everywhere. Sad that it means it will be getting cold. I imagine very cold where you are. I hope you get a spectacle show.

    • Autumn is the best time of year anywhere I’ve ever been…except maybe Florida, where it’s hard to tell a difference. I may have to go north to my daughter’s house to see good fall color this year – the storm ‘burned’ the leaves off a lot of our trees here, near the coast…

  3. Time marches on and your photos beautifully depict Fall’s arrival. There’s beauty to be found in each of the Four Seasons and I wouldn’t want to live where all 4 weren’t present — although Winter could be shortened a bit and I wouldn’t complain.

    • Thanks, John…I lived in Florida for a year when my kids were little, and I can say with certainty that I prefer to have all four seasons.

      There’s something unnatural about wearing shorts when you pick out a Christmas tree…

  4. I love your harvest of beautiful squash. They make sure a beautiful display even if they are not that good in cooking. Last year, I had a display of them on my front porch until after Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Karen…I’ll let them cure out there for a while longer before I start cooking them…
      Isn’t it odd that our fall displays have morphed from piles of winter food – squashes, drying corn, etc. – into inflatable animatronic monsters? Call me old-fashioned, but… you know.

  5. Wow what a harvest of squash! My friend delivered 3 good sized spaghetti squash to me earlier this week.. Looking on-line there doesnt seem to be an awful lot you can do with this variety, other than literally use it instead of spaghetti.. cover it in a flavoursom sauce and enjoy!
    Do you grow them? and can you suggest anything I could do with them?
    Beautiful pictures by the way. Autumn is such a wonderful time of year and you have captured it so well.

    • Hmm, I haven’t cooked those in a long time….but try this: cut them in half, and seed them. Sprinkle the cut side with a little salt, pepper and olive oil, and roast in a 400-degree oven – sorry, I don’t know the metric conversion! – until they’re tender. Then scoop out the ‘spaghetti’, and saute it with some more oil (or Butter) and your favorite herbs. You may need to add a little broth if the squash is really dry. That’s all I can think of right now, but maybe someone else will have a suggestion…

      Thanks for your comment – it’s always nice to make new friends!

    • YAY! Tanya’s home! Hope you had a great vacation…
      I enjoy summer – now that I no longer live in a part of the country where that means many days over 100F – but I really come alive in the fall. The days are still warm here now, but the nights are crisp and cool…

  6. Beautiful photos. And that IS quite a haul of squash! You put my garden to shame. Well, okay, it isn’t the garden’s fault at all.

    We have quite a few signs of autumn here too. I started cleaning up the garden this weekend. I was hoping to be out there today too, but the rains came.

    • Thanks, Robin. To be honest, most of that squash grew with no help from me. The oval ones are the only ones that were planted on purpose and tended. The others came from the compost pile!
      Which is where all winter squash will grow from now on…

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