End Of The Season. Almost.

Everyone is tired…

The tomatoes are finishing up. The heavy part of the harvest is over, but we should be getting some stragglers for the next week or two.

The poor San Marzano pretty much packed it in after the storm. I’ve been scooping up the fruit as it drops, and ripening it off on the table.

Poor baby….

The poleย beans are making a last-ditch attempt at production, but they’re still pretty naked on the south-facing side. Picking about a handful per day, as opposed to a half-bushel or so… There’s no way to fill the freezer at this rate, so I gave in and bought a bunch at last week’s farmers’ market.

The summer squash is making a half-hearted run at producing a few more fruit, but they don’t get very big when the nights are in the mid-50’s. Time to go…

Which leaves the root veggies – carrots and beets – and the Swiss Chard (silverbeet). A few leeks are at the far end. These guys like the cooler weather. I’m not ready to eat them just yet, so they can stay in the ground a little longer…

Usually, this is the part where I show off the seedlings in the winter garden, but not this year. All of that should have gone in the ground in the second week of August, and, seeing as how we were happy just to have escaped that month with our collective hides intact, it obviously never got planted…This year, we’ll just clean up, and bed down.

Garden – and gardener – are ready for a rest.


23 thoughts on “End Of The Season. Almost.

  1. Rest oh weary gardner and come visit us next planting….:) Thanks for the pictures, both befvore and after the storm….enjoy your grandson–he is more fun than a garden! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You deserve the rest! Your picture of your tomato plants look like they were taken in my yard. This was my first year planting San Marzano plants and I’ll definitely plant them again each year. They yield such beautiful tomatoes!

  3. I still find it amazing how you are getting ready for the cold and everything shutting down, whereas here, everything is getting ready to come alive and the season is only starting. You sound very content and that sounds like a good place to be in.

  4. How did I change it? That’s easy. Go to your name in the upper right hand corner, click on “Edit My Profile,” and follow from there to add a new gravatar. Once you get a few photos in there, you can switch them easily anytime.

    Or how did I get such jazzy feet? lol! I call them my jazzy feet because it’s from a photo I took of my feet at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans a couple of years ago. I can’t remember exactly how I got the effect. I think I used the glowing edges and neon effects in Photoshop.

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