In the Fog

If it’s fall, there must be fog…

Our constant companion for the last week or so; it doesn’t burn off until well into the afternoon, if at all.  Wet, heavy, and bathwater-warm, it makes for some darned uncomfortable outside-time…

But it does bring a beauty all its own to the world…

(Don’t worry, arachnophobes. No spiders, just webs)

Jewellery for the Faeries?

Support wires, or spun sugar?

The still-bright flowers, like the nasturtiums, pop against the grey backdrop…

And little beads sparkle along their backs.

Larger drops form on the round nasturtium leaves, and reflect the world.

A faded morning glory finds a new way to shine…

And even the vines are cloaked in crystals.

I’ll get back to the vegetables soon…today is for gazing and wondering.



36 thoughts on “In the Fog

  1. Fascinated me all these photographs. As you meant, like a jewelry! I loved them all, especially the drop and the reflection of the world… Amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. Absoloutely stunning pictures and beautiful descriptions.. you’re use of words really capture me. I especially love Jewellery for the Faeries and the spun sugar support wires and the reflection of the world and… Oh I just really enjoyed all of them! Thanks for sharing!
    Sibb xx

  3. This weather : today they say : never seen since 1949 !…
    Tomorrow 29°C et Saturday 30°C
    Good for the business of the terraces which are full, and the night is very early : it’s funny

  4. Your photos are so real I feel like I have been there but my feet arem’t wet!!!
    Those spiders are real artists, but so are you, Marie.

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