Apple-Picking With Niko-Bear

Hi everybody! Niko, here, filling in for Grandmommy today…

We had soooo much fun yesterday. Grandmommy and Uncle came up to see us, and we all went to a pretty place to pick APPLES!

Which was a really good plan, because the Apartment Men were fixing our roof. It was so loud, I never would have gotten a nap if we’d stayed home…

That’s me, up in a tree in that picture…but before I tell you more about that part, I should show you the store…

I’m not sure who this silly guy is, but he was out in front. I don’t know what a ‘Wibble’ is either, but that says “Music,” and I love music! I was a little sad that it wasn’t Sunday, but maybe I can get Mama and Daddy to bring me back!

Inside the store, there were bags and bags and bags of red, round, shiny balls, and they had names. I never saw balls with names before…Then Mama told me that those were apples. Well, you learn something new every day! (‘Specially when you’re my age.) All this time, I thought apples were squishy-stuff that you eat with a spoon!

So, we walked around the little store and looked at all the stuff – they have lots of food, like jelly and muffins and cider, and they have antiques for sale, and things for using in the kitchen…Mama and Grandmommy thought it was cool. Probably because no one kept telling them, “Don’t touch!”

Grandmommy said that these are better for making squishy-apple-stuff with…there’s nothing wrong with them, except they’re not as pretty…and they don’t cost as much!

This poster made them all laugh…

Next, we went up to the nice lady at the cash register. She sold us two bags. Empty bags? I thought Grandmommy was crazy! Then I learned that we get to go fill the bags up from the trees outside!

There were rows and rows and rows of trees! And all full of bright red apples!

That’s my Mama. She’s not very tall, so she couldn’t reach some of the apples…

Good thing Daddy and Uncle are tall! They could reach wa-a-a-ay up, and get some really good ones!

I hope I get tall like them someday….

Looks like Mama did all right after all!

While the grown-ups were having all the fun, I had to sit in the stroller. I thought I was going to be stuck in there all day, until Daddy lifted me up into the tree! I could see everything from up there!

Now I really want to be tall!

Daddy handed me an apple, all my own. It smelled so good! I know you’re supposed to eat these, but how? I only have two teeth – bottom ones – and all I could do was make squeaky-noises…

Daddy came to my rescue!

He took some bites, then let me taste it. It was really good!

Daddy said that he’s been coming to this orchard every year since he was little…and now he’s happy he can bring me.

I don’t know about my Daddy ever being little like me, but I can’t wait to come back again next year!

By then, I should have more teeth…


17 thoughts on “Apple-Picking With Niko-Bear

  1. Niko, you are a wonderful writer!!! You did such a good job telling us about your day. Tell whoever took the pictures that they are great, too.

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