Riding – Or Walking – The Rails

A beautiful fall day in New England…

And apple-picking only took-up the morning half.

The weather was just too perfect to waste, so with the apples safely stored away in the back of the car, we all set off in search of further adventure…

A long, scenic drive that wound through the hills and around the lakes – and gave the Niko-Bear a chance for a much-needed nap – was first.

After that, it was time for a walk in the woods…

In Massachusetts, like in many other parts of the world, disused railways are being converted into hiking/biking/walking trails.  They’re broad and smooth – stroller-friendly, in other words – and an easy way to get out and enjoy nature.

Water filled the ditches on either side of the raised rail bed, and sparkled in the afternoon sun. Tiny critters scurried about in the leaves on the ground. Birds flitted through the trees…

And there were mushrooms everywhere!

This little one seemed to be having an identity crisis…is it a flower, or a fungus?

Fall is late in arriving, even up in the hills.

The forecast for this week says that’s all about to change…

The Bear was enjoying himself…

As we turned to head for home, a wave of nostalgia washed over me… The last time I took a photo like this, the red-haired Butterfly was in pigtails, and the Boy in the hat was a tow-headed kindergartener.

My, my….where does the time go?


28 thoughts on “Riding – Or Walking – The Rails

    • We are well into the ‘fashion parade’ of fall…Jackets in the morning, short-sleeves by lunch, and a scramble back for long sleeves once the sun starts to set.
      The Boy is surgically attached to that coat of his, though…

  1. The mushroom certainly had pretty coloring. I love this weather that allows the family to take a walk without sweating buckets. We took a walk through a new prairie yesterday in our Northern Illinois area and saw cactus. I was told that is a sign of a new savannah taking hold.

  2. Oh that looks so good, i think I might go and have a stroll across hundreds of acres of dying corn, or maybe not.. no strolling for me.. anyway the harvesters are out there. i can hear them, not see them tho, they are the real monsters in my woods! c

  3. So, the fact that the leaves are late in turning, is that a sign of anything, like you will get a mild winter, or a really cold one? It is amazing here, our spring has come, and we have had some beautiful days, but other years it has been t-shirt weather in August and that meant a really hot, hot, dry summer. Not pleasant. What is the forecast for your winter? I am excited about it, sorry, but your winter is going to be so different from ours.

    • The old signs seem to be pointing to a cold winter, but no telling how wet it will be…I haven’t seen an *actual* long-range forecast yet… I should do a post about the old ‘weather wisdom’ signs – thanks for the idea!
      Is it my imagination, or are you up REALLY early?

      • Yeah, I’m up really early. I love early mornings, I love the peace and quiet of the day before everything else begins. Best time of the day, I just chill and drink my tea, and browse.

    • Thanks, Robin; it was a good day…
      I’ve seen lots of small versions of that mushroom close to home, but this one was HUGE!
      Best as I can tell, its name is Yellow Fly Agaric.
      I think we should just call him ‘Stan”….

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