Roasted Tomato Soup – Now With PICTURES!

Ah, October! Month of cool nights, warm days, and golden sunlight…

And soup.

Lots of soup.

What better way to end a day of walking – or weeding – than a bowl of something hot, fragrant and bubbly?

Not to mention, it uses up the less-than-lovely late-season tomatoes. Not even the low-slanting light of the late afternoon can improve the looks of these tired souls…

The flavor, on the other hand, is just fine.

This is a do-over of the first recipe I ever posted here – the one that made me gasp in horror when I looked back at the archives last month. I’ve learned a lot since the original went up about blogging, cooking, and photography, so I thought I’d take another whack at it. It may be familiar to some of you – and by some I mean my mother, who was pretty much the only person reading back at the beginning – but the recipe has changed a little since its first appearance…

Maybe you should give a whack, too…

Forgive me for this shot…the light makes me think I’m a better photographer than I am…

Ok, soup time.

Core and seed about two pounds of tomatoes, and chop into even-sized pieces. Whether you peel them first or not is up to you – I don’t, but if peels in your soup bother you, by all means, go right ahead. Toss them into a roasting pan along with a couple of cloves of chopped garlic, a little salt and pepper, and a healthy pinch of fresh thyme. Drizzle with olive oil, and stir to coat. Pop the pan into a pre-heated 400F oven, and roast – uncovered – for about 45 minutes.

This also a great way to pull extra flavor out of winter store-bought tomatoes, or even canned whole tomatoes – just be sure to drain those before roasting!

While the tomatoes are in the oven, chop a leek – white and light green parts only – and a carrot. Since I hate it when a recipe says to use ‘one’ of something that can vary wildly in size, I actually measured before I threw things into the pot last night – about a cup of chopped leeks, and a half-cup diced carrots. Heat a little olive oil in a soup pot – one glug, if you must measure – and add the carrots and leeks. Sweat them down with the lid on until they’re soft; about 10 or 12 minutes.

Add the roasted tomatoes, and about 2 cups of chicken stock…Yes, homemade is best, but – true confession time – I almost never have homemade on hand. We don’t eat enough chickens to make it very often. I suppose I could ask the neighbors to save theirs for me, but they already think I’m a bit odd… Bring the soup to a boil, then lower the heat, put the lid on, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

Now, for the secret ingredient:

A couple of ounces of crumbled blue cheese, and 2 tablespoons of cream.

Puree the soup with a wand blender, or if need be, in a blender or food processor.

But really, get a wand blender. Best $25 you’ll ever spend…

Re-heat the soup gently, and serve.

Whoops! Looks like it was good…

Don’t worry. I saved some for you…

(Click HERE for printer-friendly, no ink-hogging pictures recipe)


24 thoughts on “Roasted Tomato Soup – Now With PICTURES!

  1. Delicious, I’d say the cheese adds a nice flavour alright. I like the idea of roasting the tomatoes. I usually go with Jamie Oliver’s recipe and it is to die for. Nice blog 🙂

  2. You’re right about the stick blender and you’re addition of bleu cheese is inspired! Just enough to add some background flavor. Great recipe of a favorite dish!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I’ve been off line all day, we got RAIN and lightening. I’ll have to try this one this winter!!

  4. I hear you about looking back at my blogs first photos…I cringe!! I’m still trying to get my photos right, I really dont have the fancy camera others have. But this soup is awesome. I’m a huge fan of blue cheese/gorgonzola and to add it to this soup would be awesome!!

    • I don’t have a fancy camera, either…just a little pink Olympus Stylus. Thank Heaven for digital; I can learn by messing up repeatedly!

      I’d put blue cheese on just about anything – wait til you see the apple recipe coming soon!

  5. This looks so good – love the addition of blue cheese! I made roasted tomato soup a week or so ago – must be something about fall! – but left the tomatoes in pieces rather than making it creamy. What can you do wrong with a tomato? Thanks for a lovely recipe!

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