New Beds

Remember these?

Last May, I had the Crew – a bunch of guys who get the call when a project is just too big for me to handle on my own – out to the house for spring clean-up. One of the things they did was to drag six of these old curb stones out of the mud and build my asparagus bed with them.

Six was a good start, but there were ten more still buried in the yard (Actually, there were eleven, but the last one is so crumbly, it wasn’t at all useful). When the Crew came back last month to help us with storm cleanup, I asked them to use the others to build a couple more new beds.

They took six more, and built an identical bed to the one that now has the asparagus. We lined the bottom with a piece of old wool carpet to block the reeds and blackberry canes from sprouting up inside, and filled it with compost from the pile…

After the guys had turned the pile over.

So long, Mt. Squashmore!

(Cleo is such a camera-hog…Eight shots taken, and she managed to get in every one…at least she’s cute.)

If it’s at all possible when starting a new bed from scratch, let it sit empty for a few weeks before planting in it. This gives the weeds seeds a chance to germinate and be pulled up before they become a problem for your new plants.

(James: What are you taking pictures of, Mom?

Me: Oh, just the weeds…keep going…)

So, what’s going into the newest bed?


Why take up space inside the fence, when not even the voracious voles will eat garlic? As soon as we get a break in the rain, it’ll be time to plant. Soon, I hope…

(To see a comprehensive post on garlic-planting, click here)

As for the other new bed…

That’s next spring’s Seekrit Projekt!


30 thoughts on “New Beds

  1. Those are great raised beds and that garlic will love all the deep rich composty soil. I really really must get on to finding some organic garlic to plant.. and quickly! can you send your crew over? c

    • They’re Brazillian.Do you speak Portugese? 😉
      I bought my seed garlic from a local organic farmer about six years ago, and have been replanting it ever since…If you can’t find it locally, try Territorial Seed – they seem to have a decent selection.

    • Thanks, John. Like every other gardener out there, I’m still learning – and will be til the day I turn in my trowel – but this is one I’m pretty good at…
      I will go to the basement, where the garlic is stored, and tell it how lucky it is!

  2. Wonderful!! And how serendipitiously timely: yesterday a couple of sisters and I went with Mom and Dad to pick out and purchase *their* new beds–their first in about 40 years, no kidding. I’m so hoping that it’s part of a similar process of hope and growth for them; they decided to downsize to an apartment after decades in the current house and start their ‘next chapter’. Hooray for new beds of all kinds and all of the promise inherent in them!

      • Funny you should ask: since Richard and I moved all the way to TX a coupla years back, my parents thought it handy to send all of “my” family treasures along with our truckload, so yes, I actually *did* get my inheritance early! (Other than the ca. $12 they’ve promised my sisters and me we’ll get to split when Mom and Dad depart this earthly plane.)

        Thanks for the good wishes. They can undoubtedly use all the good wishes available, but are being real troupers throughout this high speed chase scene!

  3. Good morning!!! It’s great to see new beds going in. I will spend some time trying to figure out what you will put in that new one. I think the garlic is pretty, too. Photos are great. I agree with Rufus about Mt. Squashmore. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, sprouts there next year.

    • Most of that pile is going to be used to top off the beds and fill in the holes…now, the new pile? We shall see…
      As for the Seekrit…it’s not the new squash bed. There *will* be a bed for winter squash – a ‘patch’, if you will – but that’s not it.
      Guess all you want…I’d be real surprised if you get it, though. 😉

  4. You are amazing lady, I am learning… But I don’t have a garden for this. Maybe in the future when we move to the Mount Ida… Thank you dear Marie, this should be so exciting too. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • I hope so…there’s plenty of moisture up there, so I shouldn’t even have to water…I can’t wait to compare next year’s harvest with this years – the new bed gets much more sun than the old one did.
      Glad to hear from you – have a safe journey home!

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