Where I Write…

Ok, C…you asked for it!

This is the place!

For those of you who don’t read The Kitchens Garden, here’s the deal: Earlier this week, the Devine Miss C took us all on a tour of her winter writing studio. It’s a fabulous, personal space, with LOADS of wonderful light…

Yes, Cecilia – we’re all just the tiniest bit jealous…

Then, she threw out a little challenge: to show the world where we write…

My mess. Don’t touch.

Once upon a time, Hubby had a business that he ran out of the house. The space where my desk is was once the receptionist’s office…Right now, it’s a fairly plain space inside.

Except for this:

I think of them as my muses…they watch over me from the wall, and encourage me to get into all sorts of trouble…I love them like family.

So, the space is a WIP – that’s ‘Work In Progress’, in case you didn’t know – turning from an office into a writer’s retreat. I’m bringing in little bits and bobs, like the old Watkin’s vanilla bottles on the windowsill, and trying to move some things out…like the bicycle that is taking up a whole corner.

The best thing about my office?

The view.

No. Contest.


31 thoughts on “Where I Write…

    • Don’t be…Once upon a time, I wrote in my bedroom, on the second floor of a tumbledown house, with the wind rattling the the old double-hung’s. I wrote long-hand, in plain spiral notebooks, while my kids slept. It was my garret room…as long as I squinted hard enough…
      Never underestimate the power of a good squint.
      Welcome, Randall…I’m looking forward to reading your poems!

  1. You get wildlife trooping through your lovely garden, or do you mean the neighbours kids!! this is a lovely space and those windows are definitely worth having, so big.. gorgeous! Thank you so much for playing. i just really like being able to imagine you sitting there when we are all writing crazily.. c

    • Thanks, C…I think this is the most fun I’ve ever had because someone didn’t want to clean up a kitchen…
      And I mean *real* wildlife…deer, coyotes, hawks, squirrels, minks….we got lots of critters.
      Cleo chases all of them.

  2. Now I am totally jealous. I work in the Living room of our house. It gets noisy, taken over, and well it annoys me. No where else for me, unless, unless I convert my studio into an office, that would be nice because then I would looking out onto my garden. It has issues though. I love yours.

    • I firmly believe that the secret to happiness is having a place all one’s own, with a door that can be closed…
      No, the bathroom doesn’t count, but that’s what most moms get…
      I love your studio – it’s so cute!

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