And THIS Is Why I Get No Work Done Some Days…

Look what just walked past my window:

Sitting here at my desk, trying to read through all my morning stuff, and these guys show up…

Naturally, I have to stop what I’m doing, and grab the camera.

Which is on the other side of the house…

Once I got out there, they made for the brush.

How long til Thanksgiving?



25 thoughts on “And THIS Is Why I Get No Work Done Some Days…

    • That wouldn’t fly around here – although we do have plenty of vegetarian offerings when we host a family dinner…

      The kids all go elsewhere now for Thanksgiving, so it’s been a travel time for us in recent years.

  1. I’ve seen turkeys ambling around the property in Michigan, too, and they pretty much have the same effect. All activity stops and we talk in hushed tones until they move on. Great set of photos. I’ve never been able to capture any on film — yet!

  2. I remember seeing turkeys running through yards up in Ohio but every time I saw them it was always surprising to actually see Turkeys running wild!! Puts a whole different spin on looking at the holiday when you actually see live turkeys!!

  3. Sharing your turkey sighting with us is plenty of work for the day, as far as I’m concerned. Excellent birds. Hey, I should write a song! (Sorry, Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel.) πŸ˜€

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