No! Not Yet!

Not at our place – up at the Butterfly’s house in Central Massachusetts…

Nor’Easter for all of us on Saturday night…

“But, Fall! You JUST got here!…”


38 thoughts on “No! Not Yet!

  1. That picture gave me a shudder — and a dash of resolve. I’ve decided to wear my shorts today in defiance of the weather. It’s the old, “Of course it’s still Summer. I’m wearing shorts, aren’t I?” I shall not go gently into the night!

  2. Took pictures of frost this morning and by Sunday local weather reports are saying I may be taking pictures of 10 inches of snow! I am being told a “rare” October snow storm is bearing down on the valley:(

  3. Oh, my! We have a very chilly, semi-rainy day here in Kentucky. There is a forecast of a bit of snow in the mountains of the eastern half of the state tonight! This is much too early for snow. Isn’t there an old saying that the day it snows tells you how many snows there will be for the winter? If so looks like we’ll have 27 more!

  4. Oy, vey. Here in MN we haven’t gotten snow yet…but I know it’s just a matter of time. We’ve been so dry for months that maybe it will continue into the winter and remain brown as opposed to white. I’d be ok with that.

  5. Here I am getting worried about the early unusual and wondering if that means a long hot summer. Do you find the same for you, early snows means a cold winter?
    I have to say I find your weather fascinates me.

    • Actually, no…a ‘wet’ winter is warmer than a dry one. The really cold winters have less snow, because fridgid air can’t hold much moisture. Not sure which I’d prefer…but I don’t have to shovel cold air! 😉

  6. Excuse-me : what is the town ?
    I return to have my dinner at the restaurant near my home, and I was in terrass with just a little jacket and the subject was : oh, we don’t know what clothes we have to wear every day since 2 weeks !…..

      • I imagine it is the town where Sarah lives, but what is the name ?
        No the weather is specially sweet : no clouds, blue sky, no humidity : today : the spring, with the leaves which fall because no rain since…,very nice colours, last week thunder
        But tomorrow a thrue weather of Toussaint : the rain all the day in the land : that will be normal
        See you soon

  7. I love the picture of snow in Spencer. If Niko got out in it I hope she took a picture. We got rain but not much. It is cool with frost maybe tonight. It’s early for that. I can live without snow and/or ice!!!

  8. Eeeek! We still have sunny days and you can get away with short sleeves in the sunshine. Fortunately, snow only falls on a couple of higher up villages here. We did have some once or twice, but it had melted before I even got the camera out!

  9. Two weeks ago the weather was too cold and the first snow has been seen in the Thrace side of my country. Especially in the border cities with Balkans… And then the weather changed again. Yesterday there was snow and the next day a summer day… People counfused what to wear… I love snow and snowy day just in the photographs… 🙂 Thank you dear Marie, I hope and wish winter season not to be a hard one… With my love, nia

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