The North Wind Doth Blow, And We Shall Have Cookies

Saturday, October 29. Just before noon, and the clouds were gathering. The weather-gurus on the tv had gone into full-panic-mode – even for us down on the coast…

Not long after one, the rain began. The coldest, most bone-chilling rain you can imagine… It went on and on for hours, always threatening to turn to sleet or snow. One look out the window was enough to depress even the cheeriest of souls…

So I made cookies to cheer myself up.

Spice cookies, with salted-caramel buttercream filling…why should the kids have all the fun on Halloween?

I’d been thinking about making something like this for a month or so…ever since I saw the frosting recipe over at Debbie Koenig’s Words To Eat By – Recently re-named Parents Need To Eat, Too..the title of her forthcoming book.

I’m not big on cupcakes – there are still some left in my freezer from my birthday last March – but that frosting….oh, my! How could I use that? Do I have a good spice cookie recipe?

Then, sweet Katrina at A Splash of Something came to my rescue when she posted this… Perfect! The wind swirled, and howled, the rain poured down icy sheets, but my kitchen was warm, and my oven smelled like fall…

Sunday morning, the sun shone bright. While the rest of the region was digging out, this is the sum-total of our snow:

This was the heaviest patch I found.

Scary, huh?

The petunias didn’t seem to mind, either. They’re still going strong, even though we’ve had a few frosts this week…Super-tunias, indeed! (That’s the cultivar name…)

We lucked out this time around, for sure…I can make jokes, but it’s no laughing matter when there are still places not too far away where the power’s still out… We may have missed this one, but there will be more.

We’ll be ready, with this:

And cookies.

Lots of cookies…

Links fixed now…I’m so bad at this sometimes…


35 thoughts on “The North Wind Doth Blow, And We Shall Have Cookies

  1. I see you got your John Deere plug in there. what does it mean links are toxic, is it talking about all links?.. or just those ones.. every click is some kind of link.. scary tho.. c

  2. Hahaha, I had an old blog entry with my sister-in-law’s name “Marie-Claire” in it. Back then I clicked to link everything. Yesterday I noticed someone had clicked on it and was linked to the “Marie-Claire magazine” which had nothing to do with my blog. This blogging stuff takes a while to figure out:) But I’m so glad you do, or I would never have seen your pretty cookies…yummy!

    • My son – and SysAdmin – is at his house, so I was on my own to figure that one out…It’s tough when you’re not a ‘digital native’, like the kids are. I’m embarassed to admit, I don’t even use copy/paste, I usually type out the link…
      Thanks for the compliment – those cookies are fairly amazing, if I do say so myself…

  3. Oh, boy, Marie! You corrupt me once again–all children and tender creatures had better get out of my way if I get within a quarter mile of those cookie sandwiches!! What a perfect combination.

    No frost here yet, of course, but it’s finally cooled enough that I was glad of a coat when we left after R’s concert in Dallas at nine-ish last night. *Finally* feels more like Fall. So that probably REQUIRES spice cookies with salted caramel buttercream!

    • The BEST time of year in the Dallas area…the days are warm, and the nights are sweater-weather!
      Then, you throw in the occaisional ice storm, just to keep things interesting…
      I gotta warn you, that frosting is addictive. I think I could eat my (considerable) weight in salted caramel… 😀

  4. Ooo, the cookies look delicious! What a smart idea to fill them with delicious frosting! Nothing goes with sweets like a little more sweet. 🙂 I’m hoping for that chilly weather to reach North Carolina soon. It seems everyone above us on the East Coast is feeling nice and fallish. It’s high time!

  5. The cookies look wonderful!!! Pictures are great as usual. I had petunias live through the winter one year. They were planted in the container (formerly yours) by the front door. When spring came it bloomed 65 flowers and died!!

  6. 1: I hope you saved me a cookie…Joe is on his own ;p
    2: please convince my husband that our plant did NOT make it through our storm like your tunias did. He asked me to water a pot of dead flowers the other day…
    3: I hope you saved me a cookie ;D

  7. All that green grass will be covered soon!! I bet it looks beautiful when all the trees are touched with snow!! What a view! and what a cookie..double whammy with frosting in the middle! Oh yum!!

  8. The way to a child’s heart is through Grandma’s cookie jar and with Niko-Bear approaching the onset of his prime cookie consumption years, this was a perfect opportunity for you to hone your cookie-making skills. These buttercream-filled cookies will get you nominated for Grandma of the Year.

    • Since the Bear is now the proud owner of two brand-new top teeth, his cookie-jar-raiding days are getting closer!
      We’ve taken to calling him the Monster Boy lately…not because of his behavior, but he’s developed an attachment to Wally the Green Monster. Neither parent is a baseball fan, but he laughs like a little maniac every time they pass a display…

  9. Not to take anything away from those great looking cookies, but am I the only one who noticed the beautiful platter that they’re on? Marie, you have such neat stuff!

    • Thanks, Carolyn! That was a gift from a good friend…I just wish the light in the kitchen was better for photos.LED lights are great for working, but too blue for good pictures. I’m trying to learn, though!

    • Check the two links for the recipes – the frosting and the cookies came from two sources. I didn’t make enough changes to call them ‘mine’ so I just linked to the originals.
      We DID get off lightly this time, but there are still parts of the region without power, almost a week later…

  10. Oh dear Marie, winter days how seem scary, I don’t like… but this is the reality of earth… Your positive touches find us too, these cookies are so beautiful, and seems so delicious. I can fly for this (but not only for these cookies, there is nothing beautiful to share a nice moments with a friend while drinking a cup of tea with delicious cookies!) Thank you, have a nice day, the sun be with you always, with my love, nia

  11. “but not only for these cookies, there is nothing more beautiful than to share a nice moments with a friend while drinking a cup of tea with delicious cookies!)
    sorry for my beautiful language!

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