You See, What I MEANT To Do Was….

Pie. Today was supposed to be about pie.

It’s not.

Not just any pie…the Family Tradition Chocolate Cream Pie, as requested by the Butterfly, and my brother and his Lovely Bride…

Didn’t happen. Instead, I got blindsided by a truly nasty cold, and wound up in bed all day yesterday. Cold medicine, plus a lack of sleep does strange things to me…I say this as both explanation and apology for any incoherent comments I might have left on other blogs or emails I haven’t returnedΒ in the last 48 hours.

The unusually bad spelling? Yeah, chalk that one up, too…this time.

Pleased to say that I seem to be on the mend. Past the I-can’t-get-more-than-a-foot-from-the-tissue-box, and on to still-weak-as-a-kitten-but-at-least-I-ain’t-sneezin’. The pie will be up soon – in time for your Thanksgiving Feasts, Dear Relatives!


37 thoughts on “You See, What I MEANT To Do Was….

  1. Glad that you are feeling better and the the recipe of the family PIE will continue!!! Take care and we’ll type again soon. Oh, I love the picture of the berries…. I guess they are berries!!!

    • If there was ever a recipe that deserved immortalizing, it’s that one!
      Those are bittersweet berries – if you mouse-over the photos, it will usually give you the names. Bittersweet is a thugish invader, but it’s pretty this time of year.

    • Thanks, John. The *actual* purpose was to reassure my daughter that I had not forgotten about her pie…
      (And to explain myself in case I left a really bizzare comment somewhere while stumbling around in a haze πŸ˜‰ )

  2. Wish I could pipe you some homemade chicken broth directly, but I’m at least sending it in spirit. The hot lemon-honey toddies are a close second, at least, and if you add in the whiskey it can only be that much *more* restorative, I should think! My sister’s doctor once “prescribed” her the “Two Hats Cure”: get into bed, put a bottle of whiskey next to the bed, and sip on it until you see two bottles there. πŸ™‚

    Be well, my friend!!

    The bittersweet is indeed aptly named–kills other plants (including massive trees) left and right, but it’s so very beautiful it’s kind of hard to get mad at it.

    • Hubby put a dolop of Calvados in my tea at dinner – cleared my sinuses pretty well!
      As for the bittersweet, this is the only time of the year I can suffer it to live, but I want to shake the people who hang the vines on their doors for decoration. They have no idea what sort of monster they’ve invited home…

  3. awww. hope you’re feeling better by now. wish you were somewhere nearer and not so far away! i’d cook arroz caldo (porridge with chicken, ginger, garlic, green onions, fish sauce, and our local lemon “calamansi”) for you!
    that vine is intriguing! and how i love that tree! we only have wet and dry season here in the Philippines. no spring, fall nor winter. it’s mostly summer with typhoons now and then. so, the trees remain the same all year round. no flamboyant show of colors.
    reading about the pie got me hungry… ordering a slice of cake now… πŸ™‚

    • That Caldo sounds like just what the doctor ordered! My food of choice when I feel like this is actually the Thai place in town’s Glass Noodle Soup – chicken broth, ginger, cilantro,scallions, and just enough hot pepper to cut through the congestion…
      I’ve never traveled to a tropical locale, so I just love it when you post photos of what surrounds you…like that night-blooming cactus! So different, and so lovely…

      • Hope you are feeling better by now. Not particularly doing cartwheels here either. My back is giving me hell from trying to keep my body upright! (Abdominal/core strength is non-existent now and will be for a few months.)
        I should post more exotic tropical plants then… Been fixated on non-tropical plants too much that I’d forgotten how I have interesting tropical beauties in my garden! Thanks for making me realize this!

        • A region’s climate has a lot to do with it, too…Bittersweet is classified as a ‘noxious weed’ here – it grows so rampantly and unchecked that it can bring down trees. Nearly every berry will sprout, and nothing eats the seedlings, so they all grow. With your severe winter cold up there, it might be safe to grow as an ornamental beacuse it can’t escape.

          Around here, gardeners coax and pamper Calla Lilies…in parts of California, it’s illegal to plant them, because they spread and choke-out native vegetation. It’s all about latitude!

          • Yes, my husband’s grandma out here wanted to plant Vetch and I looked at her like she was a crazy woman because where I grew up in WA, Vetch is a “wretch” and everyone hates it! I do know that some people have Bittersweet around here, yes…I just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet!

  4. Oh, sorry to hear this dear Marie, I hope and wish you are better now. Your photograph is so beautiful made me to pick up them… I love pie… and I wonder your pie now. Please get well soon and let us learn more about this pie, Thank you, with myb love, nia

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