And So It Goes

Monday, November 7

Friday, November 11

Sunday, November 13

Tuesday, November 15



36 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. This is the time of the year that I miss the old elm tree SO much. It was always the first to turn yellow. The pecan beside the driveway is just past full color. It’s almost time to rake the yard!!!

    • See, in my mind, it’s still there, raining translucent yellow leaves down, and shading my bedroom.
      Not having to look at the hole where it once was preserves it…
      I’m so glad not to rake. We just mulch it all up with the last mow of the year.

  2. Perfect timing for this post. On my the garage wall facing my home, I’ve planted trumpet vines. Yesterday they were in full leaf and green. Overnight temps fell into the 20’s, the lowest temp of the season and all day long the leave have been falling. Now, there are so few leaves on those vines that I could probably count them all. There’ll be no denying it now. Old Man Winter is gaining on us.

    • I’m kinda’ jealous that you can grow trumpet vine without it getting out of hand…our winters are too mild – believe it or not – and it can be as bad as bittersweet.
      We haven’t even had a night below 30 yet, but most of our leaves are down now…

  3. You should be one of them who loves trees so much… This daily photographs so impressive and so touching too, they go but will be coming back in spring again… A few days ago, when I was talking about this autumn changes, about leaves… this is the beautiful death of leaves… I said. Actually they don’t die, we express like that… but so touching into these autumn colours… Anyway, dear Marie I loved what you created here, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Where I grew up, there were not very many trees…I love the ones that grow here so much, because I always wanted to see them when I was a child.
      It can be sad when the leaves fall, but it means that Spring will come, and soon!

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