Giving Thanks

There are so many things in my life to be thankful for…

A healthy, happy family. The beauty of the world around me. Food on our table, and clean water to drink.

Too many things to even begin to list them all!

But somewhere on that long, long list is all of you. Those of you who read, comment, tease, and advise…you make me think, and see life from a different perspective. You are all part of my Thanksgiving this year.

I will also be quite thankful when this young fellow finds a friend or two…he’s so lonely.


27 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. do you feast Thanksgiving in your country, or if you are Parisians let me know there is a service tomorrow at 12h45pm at The American Church quai d’Orsay
    Perhaps, see you soon ?

  2. As little as a few years ago, I never woud have thought I’d follow any blogs, much less have one of my own. Now, I cannot imagine a day without “checking in”. Thank you for your encouragement and for helping to make my blogging experience so pleasant & worthwhile.

    • Ah, that poor, silly little prong. Not a really good telephoto, just a little point-and-shoot. That poor deer is very young – probably just been run-off by his mama and sisters – and he hasn’t managed to find the other bachelors in the area…He just stands there and looks at me when I go out, trying to figure out if I’m his friend or not.
      I feel so bad for him, I don’t have the heart to send the dog after him….
      Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Where else but in the blogosphere could you meet so many people, in so many places, with so many great ideas?
      I’d love to have a giant dinner table, so we could all raise a toast in the same room…
      Have a great day!

  3. Everybody here has said it with eloquence, starting with you, dear Marie! We all have so much Thanks-worthy joy in our lives, not least of all because of finding such a rich community to surround our virtual table. So I will celebrate the feast with all of you seated around the board in my imaginings, joining us in what you so rightly see as a truly marvelous day and life. Thanks for what *you* do to make this such a valuable place to share! Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Remembering to be thankful for what I do have, rather than lamenting what I don’t is a lesson that got me through some truly rough stuff…it’s so much nicer to be happy.
      Wishing you all the best for the holiday!

  4. John was sat behind me (warming my back) as i was scrolling down reading your page .. then he said My God, (we had got to the deer), I explained how your study has big windows looking down to the bush (forest) at the bottom of your garden hence the wild animals, deer, turkeys etc, he was quiet for a minute ..that must be hard on her veg, he said.. she has a john deere, i told him Well that explains it he says.. She has a chipper too I added (just so he knew that I knew PEOPLE who had Stuff) .. his eyebrows raised and he looked closer at the screen giving an approving grunt.. does she like your hay baler he asked? .. MEN! c

    • And, of course, you told him I’d already said he was a clever fellow for finding that! πŸ™‚
      That poor little deer – as long as he’s down by the pond, I don’t send the dog out to chase him. The veggies are on the other side of the house, and he seems to have learned that he’s NOT WELCOME over there…I will be glad when the breeding season is over, so the other ‘boys’ will let him hang around with them!

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