Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

Guess where I am!

A happy, happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Spare a prayer, if you have a moment, for the Butterfly, who is cooking her first-ever Thanksgiving dinner…


34 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

  1. Ha Ha .. i love that greg has Goofy Little Brother status!! I once spent a week in Paris completely alone and I have never forgotton it, it was one of the best times I spent there, and like you I was in and out of galleries almost the whole time, and I walked and walked and walked.. a lovely city! c

    • No hotel for us – we have a place here. (Long story/short version – stepson in University here years ago, brand-new Euro, Paris real estate in a downturn, Hubby – who wasn’t even Boyfriend at the time – bought this teeny little place…) We go about twice per year…you oughta’ come down and hang out sometime! 😀

  2. Just got home and checked your blog. I’m glad you are having fun. We had a good day at Cousin Sue’s. There were 11 there. Mother’s computer would not get on the internet. We could receive your blog but not comment. Go figure. Butterfly did not call and from what I read from her, she did just fine. Have fun. love, MOM

  3. C’est merveilleux! Another glorious thing for which to be thankful indeed!

    Meanwhile, I’ve not the slightest doubt the Butterfly is coming out of her Thanksgiving-chef chrysalis with flying colors. 🙂

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