Paris Late Afternoon, Late Autumn

I love a day when there’s no more pressing item on the agenda than to go for a stroll…

At home, I take most of my photos in the early morning… Here, it’s the late-afternoon that calls.

Saturday afternoon was perfect…Sunny and cool. We walked down to the river, and crossed over.

That’s the Louvre in the photo, shot from one of the bridges.

The Christmas lights are already up on Av. George 5th.

They were much more interesting than the swanky shops…

A look around an unfamiliar corner revealed a treasure.

A quiet place.

A glowing linden tree, back by the river.

Β The sun is setting now. Time to stroll back home.

Thanks for walking with me.



39 thoughts on “Paris Late Afternoon, Late Autumn

    • Thanks, Roger…I’ve spent time in Paris in every season, but pre-Christmas is my favorite. I’m missing not getting to spend any time in the countryside this year – Christmas in the small towns is so special.
      Thanks for your comment!

  1. Dear Marie, these are beautiful Paris photographs, I loved them all, but especially one of them fascinated me, standing so different, you did great shot, number 3, “The Christmas lights on Av. George 5th.”… Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. The only bad thing about this jaunt of yours and your sharing it is that now I know I not only have a lot of saving-up to do before I can get over and revisit anything in France, but I have to save up extra so I can take you along as guide! What to do, what to do. I thank you, in the meantime, for making it all so compelling!

  3. Am feeling all nostalgic – I worked in Paris on and off for over two years and I loved Christmas there…I always felt like I was walking through a postcard or starring in a movie from the 1950s! Give my love to Paris please and tell it I miss it 😦

  4. Beautiful, Marie. I especially like the quiet place you found. I could walk there every day and never grow tired of it. Thanks for taking us along with you. πŸ™‚

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