Strolling Through the Neighborhood

Hubby has appointments on the other side of town today… Wanna come shopping with me? We’ll stroll a few blocks over to Rue Cler, where the daily market is in full swing.

Oh, such beautiful mushrooms!

Why can’t we find these in the States?

The flower stalls certainly brighten up the gloomy, overcast day.

Look! They’ve got Christmas trees!

Mmmmm, pastries…

Not now, you’ll spoil your dinner!

Ah… Hubby’s finished. He says to meet him for a kir at the corner…

Think you can find it?


36 thoughts on “Strolling Through the Neighborhood

  1. Sorry, I forget to say, but again, to go to see just on this other side of the river (5′ by walk) the true market which is on wednesday and saturday mornings : that is a market with the productors, bio and very nice specialities like “escargots d Bourgogne”, wonderful bank of fish like “coquilles Saint-Jacques” (the season is now), and mushrooms from France only….and more and more
    Rue Cler is only the shops whch have an extension on the pavement and they make an effort only on saturday when people are free for the shopping of food, the weekend….

    • It’s really interesting…when there’s a problem with one of the cobbled streets here, it’s so much quicker and easier to fix than back home. They take out the stones, deal with the problem, and replace them…wish it went that fast in Rhode Island!

  2. Have you noticed that in paris it is not uncommon for a woman alone to lunch while out shopping. I noticed this the most when i spent one christmas by myself in Paris, it seems to be very accepted for a woman to sit alone at a little table with her glass of wine and her packages and not be bothered at all.. Very well dressed gentlemen would strike up a conversation on the street (not in a bad way) but never bother me in a restaurant or at a bar.. sweet really. c

    • It´s so true. When I was working there I often spent weekends alone and had no problem at all dining alone. I wasn´t hassled, and it was much nicer than grabbing a sandwich (or should that be Sand Witch C?!)…I love, love, love Paris. But I think I´ve said that before 🙂

      • Indeed. I still stick to our neighborhood when I’m on my own – the shopkeepers know me, and can deal with my awful Franglish – but when I stop for a treat by myself, I never get hassled. It’s fun to be able to help the English-speaking tourists find their way around, too.
        Now, I gotta go read Celi’s post… 😀

    • Very true! Once you’re seated, it’s up to you to start a conversation…no one will intrude on a person of either sex who is dining alone.
      Unless they have the misfortune to be seated next to my sweet Hubby…he wants to talk to everyone. 🙂

  3. When in Europe — and it’s been far too long — I like nothing better than just strolling about. Check out the produce markets, maybe go into a store or two, take a close look at some unexpected point of interest, just as you’re doing here — save 1 exception. There is no way that I would have passed up a pastry of some sort, no matter what dinner was planned. I salute your self-control!

  4. Great photos, as usual. I think I would have had a bit of pastry and cut back on lunch!!! who knows? You are so right about the mushrooms, even from a person who loves them but can’t eat them.

  5. In any city, a stroll through the market streets is a tremendous treat! Those chanterelles. The exquisite burst of the flower shop. Pastries–and no, it’s *never* too early: let them *be* dinner, when they’re so beautiful 🙂 –they go down remarkably well with a Kir, don’t you know! Lovely to stroll with you, my dear!

  6. Paris is such a romantic city. Look in your pictures; chocolate, mushrooms, flowers and pastries all in one day. Any gloomy day in Paris is better than any beautiful day back in the States. Safe Travels.

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