The Season For Giving

This year’s slogan:

Give Goats. They Give Back.

I want to get this in before the shopping madness really takes hold. It’s just a tiny plug for the charity nearest and dearest to my heart – Heifer International.

For 65 years, Heifer has brought their unique method of combating poverty to people all across the globe. With the help of their donors, farm animals – goats, rabbits, cows, sheep, and more – are brought into poor communities. The recipients have been trained in the care and feeding of their new livestock, and are required to ‘pass along’ to a neighbor the first offspring born to their ‘gift’….

Can you think of a better way to help people help themselves?

Some of us – ok, probably MOST of us after a certain point in our lives – don’t want for much in life…not another pair of pajamas or slippers, nothing else that needs dusting.Β  How about a donation, in the name of someone who cares?

Check them out at

Happy Shopping!


23 thoughts on “The Season For Giving

  1. This is a great idea! A few years ago a friend “gave” me a goat for my birthday (subtle, eh?) from a similar organization. Since then, I’ve been outfitting & sending kids to school for the year rather than sending poinsettias to people. Everybody wins and I sincerely hope more people follow your suggestion.

  2. I have received a llama, bees, ducks and several others that I can’t remember. I look forward every year in hopes that I will receive another animal. I remember when this organization started, which makes it even more special to me. Thanks, Marie, for this post about my favorite charity too. love, MOM

  3. Yes, this org is fabulous!!! And as John notes, there are numerous other ways to give meaningful and much-needed gifts–throughout the year. Let’s hear a big chorus of bleats, moos and cackles cheering on heartfelt and purposeful generosity! πŸ™‚

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