Ahhh, Home!

It’s a crisp, cold morning back here in Rhode Island – the perfect Welcome Home!

Thanks to everyone who took the journey with me – it’s so much more fun with friends!

It’s going to take a day – or more, depending on how bad the jet-lag is this time – to get caught up answering comments and checking out what all you prolific people did while I was in the air/on a train/driving home, so I’ve got a couple of entertaining new-ish blogs for you to check out in the meantime!

First, Mel from Mass, who is visiting and blogging about all 351 towns in Massachusetts this year, just happened to post about her visit to the Heifer Project’s Rutland, MA campus the day before my little post about all their Good Works… Check her out at 351 in 365.

Also, after a computer-malfunction enforced absence, the Butterfly daughter is back, with Pyrex in Wonderland, her blog about all-things-Pyrex. If you’ve got a minute, stop in over there, and make the kid feel good…the Niko-bear does put in an occasional appearance!

Wishing everyone a glorious weekend!

P.S. The new header is from an outdoor Christmas display in Reims…’cause I know my Mom’s gonna ask!


32 thoughts on “Ahhh, Home!

  1. I’m glad you are home and thanks for identifying the header!!! It’s awesome, I love the pictures around your house with the frost. Rest well

  2. Glad you are back safe and sound and wonderfully culturally refreshed! I really love the shot of the leaves in the frost, you are definitely colder out there than we are here, it is a lovely day here today, i shall email you my address and after the christmas flurry i would love some Golden Syrup, tell me how much it will all cost and i will send you a cheque. celi

  3. Welcome home and we should be thanking you for taking us along! After all, you took precious time that you could have spent exploring Paris to show us the sights. Thank you for that!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Marie. 🙂 I’m just getting back to the ole WordPress — I was in western MA for a few days with very little Internet. I got to go online via my iPhone maybe twice for a few minutes each time. Anyway, I like the frosty leaves up there. But I don’t actually *want* frosty anything. Except maybe from Wendy’s. Wendy’s chocolate Frosties are pretty good.


  5. I was wondering, because I haven’t heard you for awhile. Welcome back home. Your photographs hit me again. You are doing great with your camera. Thank you dear Marie, with my love, nia

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