Strange Days…

And nights…

Bugs on the porch light?

Remind me again, what month is this?

This doesn’t help:

That’s one confused forsythia….

Where’s winter?


29 thoughts on “Strange Days…

  1. Just when we think we’ve got Seasons figured out, we get another big shift of the old worldwide climatic structure. That Ma Nature, she’s such a card! Pretty forsythia–for as long as it can hold up!

  2. We had a dusting — less than an inch — overnight. The latest date for an appreciable snow in Chicago in December 16th. Please, oh, please let this year be a record breaker!

  3. Well we are going down to 10 tonight they say.. who ARE they anyway, but your poor forsythia, tell me your daffs are not coming up?.. I have seen that happen before too.. c

  4. We have had similar things happening here, flowers flowering in the winter when they aren’t meant to. The wisteria is flowering again now, which is not what it is supposed to be doing. Very strange.

    • Really? At nearly mid-summer?
      There seem to be two different types of wisteria around here – one that blooms in May(late spring) and one that blooms in August(Late summer). None that re-bloom in the same year, though.

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