Niko Meets Grilled Cheese

Hi, guys! It’s me, Niko!

I got to try the BEST new thing the other day, and I wanted to tell EVERYONE about it…

This is grilled cheese.

Do you know about it?  Well, I didn’t!

I wasn’t real sure about it at first, but it smelled good, and no one was trying to take it away from me…

That usually means it’s ok to taste it.

Hmmmm, how to describe it?

Crisp and buttery on the outside, with a warm, cheesy middle…

I’ve got more teeth now, so I’m getting good at chewing, too!

Oh, yeah. That’s good…

What else have you Big People been hiding from me?

You’re not gonna eat that, right, Dad?


28 thoughts on “Niko Meets Grilled Cheese

    • He couldn’t be related to me by blood and NOT love grilled cheese…
      And you’re right – it is too bad we can’t remember things like our first ice cream cone, or gooey, meltly cheese. But what fun to watch someone else discover them!

  1. What a precious moment–thanks for sharing it with all of us!! I know he has you wrapped around his little finger! And that is a-ok; after all, you are his grandmother…

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