Brighter Days Ahead

We’ve just passed the Darkest Night of the Year here in the Northern Hemisphere…from here on out, our daylight hours will start to increase, however slow it may seem…

It means something slightly more symbolic around here this year…

Last night, Hubby’s two-year-old granddaughter came to stay with us. We don’t know how long she’ll be here…her parents have some things to work out.

Needless to say, it’s quite an adjustment, having a toddler in the house. The last 36 hours have been exhausting – for all of us – and it’s only the beginning. I’m sure you’ll understand if my blog posts drift away from gardening and foodie-type recipes for a while…and my lack of witty commentary on all the blogs I follow. I still love all you guys, but I just don’t have the energy…

I’m just hoping that, like the sun comes back to warm us every year, we can be a warm light in the life of this little girl…If you’re the praying kind, put in a good word for us, please?

See you all soon…


33 thoughts on “Brighter Days Ahead

  1. Putting in good words for you…they are lucky to have you both to help out. My grandmother and my great grandmother always said the shortest day of the year was the best as after that comes sunshine, longer days and hope for the year ahead. Take care of each other.

  2. How lucky for Chloe that she has you to spend Christmas with! I bet it will prove to be a most memorable Christmas, one that you’ll fondly look back upon for years to come.

  3. Bless you, Marie, life does bring its surprises and challenges. Thank goodness this one is in the form of a child–hmm, do I sense a seasonal appropriateness here?–who despite all of the shocks and difficult demands inherent in your unplanned return to primary-parenthood, has a heart needing to be loved and guided, and who will fill your hearts in return. I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers, and hope especially that you will find Chloe’s presence now a particular gift in unexpected ways!

  4. “Oh no .. Please don’t Go. We’ll eat you up we love you so!!” What I miss about having toddlers in the house is reading the stories, i envy you that every goodnight.. Go, be the Grammie, we will be fine, we will miss you though, but that is ok! You only miss people who are special! .. c

    • Oh, Celi…this one has a ways to go before she’ll sit for a story. We’ll get there, but it’ll take a while.
      I’m not going away, I’d miss our conversations too much!And they *might* be the only thing that keeps me sane…

  5. Just now getting online at Mother’s and learning of Chloe’s coming to your house. I hope all goes well, you have done this little girl raising before. I hope you have gifts, books, clothes, etc. for her. You do this well, having raised your own 3 kids. The Butterfly is right, Niko will have a playmate!!! Keep us posted on how things are going.

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