Christmas Chaos

Well, we survived…

Angel Face here got a baby doll with clothes she can change.

Guess what we’ve been doing for two days?

This kinda says it all…

Yes, I did get Butterfly Approval before buying him a drum. Best $10 I spent this year!

After all the fun, I just want to climb inside my snow globe – lovingly hand-made by my Son-in-law from a Mason jar – and take a nap!

Hope you’re all well into recovery…New Year’s is coming!


20 thoughts on “Christmas Chaos

  1. What fun!!! changing doll clothes while Niko plays drums!! I know they had fun. It was sweet for Joe to make you a snow globe. Thanks for the photos. Being home is wonderful!!

  2. Greg’s right about the snow globe. Niko clearly was born to entertain! And yes, that’s an Angel Face. I hope you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy each other immensely. 🙂 Such a beautiful family.

    • Niko was at a flea market with his Mama and Daddy when he saw his first snare drum…love at first pound!
      Angel Face is settling in, and we’re exploring some new things with her. It’s been 18 years since I was primary caregiver for a two year old, and I’m not as spry as I once was…My mother used to say, “There’s a reasn God gives babies to young people…”
      Ain’t *that* the truth?!

  3. Marie, dig that award winning voice of yours out of the moth balls, dust it off a bit, and sing, sing, sing to those babies! It’s the language of love and sunshine!

  4. Congratulations on surviving. Sounds like you had a great day. The angel looks gorgeous. I never minded toys for my girls that made noise because then I always knew where they were.

  5. Congratulations on surviving, I’m sure all the kids (big and small) had a memorable time. And Recovery? Well, remember to have some “me” time soon 🙂
    ps – I’ve nominated you for an award….. Happy New Year 🙂

    • Thanks for the nomination…I’ll do my best to pass it along!
      We’re working on a schedule that allows for ‘me-time’ for both of us…it starts by convincing a certain Little One that she CAN spend a few minutes all by herself… 🙂

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