Dawn of a New Year

A New Year’s tradition that pre-dates blogging…photographing the sunrise.

It’s a gentle, warm morning here…the first in many years without snow cover.

With any luck, it presages a gentle year to come…


31 thoughts on “Dawn of a New Year

  1. “… it presages a gentle year to come… ” From your lips to God’s ear.

    I bet you have quite the collection of sunrise photos. They’d make quite a beautiful post. Just sayin’ … 🙂

  2. We have sun this morning, too. The wind blew 50 mph plus last night. So, I was awake at midnight for the first time in years. Certainly not by choice!!! I can only imagine what 6 hours of strong winds presages for us!!! No, I won’t imagine!! Your photo is beautiful. Amazing that you could “catch” the sun in that perfect position. Have a good day

    • Thanks, Mel. I used to carry a little disposable camera in my purse back in the days when I had to work – and before digital – just in case *something* needed to be shot…
      Usually, it was my co-workers, but I got some decent sunrises and sunsets, too.

    • No…I haven’t stayed up all night in years. The New Year will get here, whether I’m watching for it or not. 😀
      I just started taking them…maybe, 8 years ago? Something about the first rays of sun on the first morning of the year just speaks to me.

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