Thoughts on Being Kreativ

You guys are so cool…

Another award from not one but TWO wonderful blog-friends…

Some time ago – December, maybe? A week feels like a decade right now, so I’m not exactly sure…But a while ago my Marvelous Muse Kathryn proffered this pretty in such a subtle way that I missed it entirely until she pointed it out, despite having read that particular post.


(“Oh, she linked to me and said such sweet things! How nice! And in such fine company…” is what went through my slightly addled brain. Duh.)

Then, last week – I’m pretty sure it was last week – Mel from 351 in 365 also deemed my little chicken-scratchings award-worthy…

I’ll humor you guys…though I’m not sure I can come up with 10 things you don’t already know about me, OR name six other blogs that aren’t already sporting the Kreativ logo.

1. I Was born on the 22nd of March, on the cusp between Piceses and Aries…which makes the fact that I love to swim, had a career in seafood, and can be stubborn as a goat  perfectly logical.

2. Both my parents are from Arkansas.

3. The first thing I ever planted – that I can remember – was Indian Corn. Some fall decorations my Mom had were coming apart, so I stuck the kernels in the ground near our back fence. My Dad said it wouldn’t grow…but it did. (He cut it down before it matured, I think. It was in the yard, after all…)

4. The first song I ever sang in public (solo) was The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie. It’s still one of my favorites…

5. I would rather scrub toilets than iron clothes. Until I moved in with a guy who took his shirts to the laundry every week, I didn’t even own things that required ironing.

6. Way deep down in my heart, I still love snow the way a little child does…it’s the shovelling I can’t stand.

7. I have never been further west than Colorado.

8. I am in serious need of a hair cut. (Yes, I’m running out of things to tell you…)

9.I love football – American football, that is…Hubby prefers the other kind.

10. I still prefer writing with pen and paper to typing…it’s much easier to doodle when you’re stuck for an idea.

Hey! I did it! Now, for the blogs part…

But first….

I promised Mel I’d look for my ‘ruins’ photo, and here it is. This is from a 2009 trip (as are the other photos in this post. Mouse-over them for details.) It’s called Chateau Gaillard, and it’s in Petit Andely in France…Click the link if you want to know more about it. There were a few more photos of it, but they were all taken at mid-day, so they’re not terribly good.

Ok, I was able to find four of you on my list that I don’t think already have this…play along if you want, or just enjoy it… no biggie, either way.

Food, Flowers, Herbs and Life – Phyllis has some really wonderful recipes AND she’s a fan of Middle Earth. How could you not love that combination?

Leanne Cole’s Blog – A photographer from Down Under, who got a cool scanner for Christmas, and is working through her archives. Her series is really showing her evolution as a photographer – and giving me a glimpse of a country I’d love to know more about.

From the Bartolini Kitchens – Our Dapper Gentleman John, with his family recipes and stories (and wonderful comments!). Oh, and I’ll get back to playing ‘Tag” later in the week!

Bam’s Kitchen – Bobbi is an expat living (currently) in Hong Kong. The photos alone are reason to visit her, and her recipes are really amazing.

Enjoy their blogs!



34 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being Kreativ

  1. Congrats and what a very pretty award. Loved your list. Grow your hair out and put it under a hat that is what i do! Beautiful shots today! Is it nap time yet? now there are a few people I do not know on that list so Off I go to visit!! c

    • My hair IS grown out…that’s the problem. It’s difficult to be the Chic Granny with my ponytail flapping around my head.
      Wasn’t nap time when I finally got this posted – it took 4 days to write! – she was playing with her Uncle, who is her Favorite Person in the World. That Boy should consider a career in childcare. He’s a natural!

  2. Gosh, this must be the first time anyone’s ever said I was Subtle. Don’t worry, we’ll get over it. 🙂

    Marie, your wonderfully creative response to this ‘summons’ just proves our point of your deserving! Great post as always: beautiful photos, witty points-of-interest, and a handful of great follow-up blogs thrown in for dessert. Oh, and this on top of having a life already chock-full of child-chasing (I’ll bet Little Miss has some serious speed in her), home and hearth tending, writing, and filling the world with love. Not bad for an angel. Amazing for a supposed mortal being! 🙂

    • Bask in the glow while you can…it might never be said again!
      I’m mining the archives for photos these days, lest this turn into All Angelface, All the Time. I’m missing my camera time…but it’ll come back! I think we’ll dig out some snow pics later this week.
      A thousand thanks for all your kind words and support…I am, as my neck and back are reminding me this morning, most assuredly mortal. 🙂

  3. Great post and love the thing abut the corn (mine was a runner bean). And just scrunch up that hair and wrap it in a scarf or put a hat on…preferably purple. I´ll do your ironing if you pop over to do my scrubbing 😉

  4. You probably don’t remember, but when we lived in Columbus, GA, I planted some tomato plants and carrots beside our house. Your dad said they wouldn’t grow. I was looking forward to the tomatoes. You went around the house and came back with the only two that had grown. You were about 2 years old. We moved in May so that was all we got off the plants. Where did we live when you planted the corn? I don’t remember!!

    • Embassy Circle. Dad took me out and showed it to me before he cut it down…He only let me plant it because he was sure it wouldn’t grow – those ears were YEARS old before they fell apart.
      That’s the first house I have clear memory of…but there are some shadowy ones from the first house in Lawton.

  5. That was such a lovely thing to wake up to this morning. I am really happy with how my blog is going and for you to nominate me, I feel very honoured. Thank you so much.
    Love learning more about the people I read about. I might have to use your list for inspiration when I nominate people for the blog. Thanks

    • I’m glad it brightened your day! I really want people to see what you’re doing, too.

      I’m going to dig out some snowy pictures from years past this week (since we don’t seem to be getting any this year) to help you cool down…You ARE having some HEAT down your way!

  6. Congratulations dear Marie, you deserve awards… You are such a nice heart and blogger… And I love your blog. What a beautiful post, and photographs… Fascinated me. Thank you dear Marie, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  7. Congratulations and well done! It’s always a pleasure visiting your Li’l Corner and today we’re rewarded with a peak behind the curtain. Thank you for your kind words and I’m going to set to work thinking of 10 interesting things to tell everyone about myself. This won’t be easy; you’ve set the Interesting Bar pretty high for the rest of us.

  8. Marie, thanks for the blog recommendations here. I visited all of them and can easily see why you selected each one. And what lovely French ruins! I tried to find some mill ruins this past weekend…nothing looked ruin-y enough…my luck with ruins these days! I like how you snuck in some great photos into this post, too.

    • Thanks, Mel. It’s true, there are more ruins in Europe than here…
      There’s an old cabin foundation in the empty lot next door, but unless you knew what you were looking at, it just seems like a bunch of rocks in a hole – not particularly photogenic!

  9. Loved your answers – I hate to iron, too! March 22nd is our anniversary – this year will be 31. Those Aries people! I have a mother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, stepfather, mother-in-law, niece and nephew who were born in that time period! Thank you for nominating me for the award – my answers are up and waiting!

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