I’m it!

Have you seen the “10 Questions” game that’s been making the rounds? It’s another fun way to learn more about each other, in ways both serious and silly. Mr. Bartolini ‘tagged’ me a week or so ago, and Dear Nia laid down the challenge again yesterday, so I figured it was time to get crackin’…

(Today’s trip through the archives will be Snowy Pond Photos. Mouse-over for the dates…)

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

Gardener. Cook. Writer. (Grand)Mom. Wife. Dreamer. Friend.

2.What keeps you up at night?

A baby monitor that makes some very odd noises – which have nothing to do with monitoring said baby.

3.Who would you like to be?

Me, of course! I much prefer my own baggage to anyone else’s.

4.What are you wearing?

Jeans and a sweater. Longjohns and sweats. Pyjamas. (Not all at once – it took three tries to get this post written!)

5. What scares you?

Threats to the Food System. The thought of raising Angel. The thought of giving her back. Politicians of all stripes.

6.What are the best and worst things about blogging?

Lots of ‘bests,’ from having a convenient place to practice writing, to keeping the family up-to-date, to all the wonderful folks I meet. The worst? Not having the time to do as much as I’d like.

7.What was the last website you visited?

Not Always Right. It’s a bunch of reader-generated stories from the Retail Trenches. It’s refreshing to know that Americans don’t have a monopoly on being stupid in public.

8. What’s the one thing you would change about yourself, if you could?

I would be thinner. As long as it didn’t require strenuous exercise. Or giving up wine…

9. Slankets: Yes, or no?

Aw, HELLS no…

10. Tell us a little about the person(s) who tagged you.

You’ve all met John – he was even re-introduced here on Monday – so I’ll give you the scoop on Nia:  She’s a wonderful photographer, who lives in Istanbul. Her pictures transport me to a place I’d love to visit someday.

My thanks to both of them!

Now, for the pass-along part. My thinker’s not in the best shape these days, but I got three…

Linda Brown, Life on a Colorado Farm – my first blogger friend.

Nate Fakes, Nate’s Ramblings – An up-and-coming young cartoonist, who chanced on this blog while “walking around the neighborhood” last Halloween. I’m glad he did… (Pssst! Nate! I’m sending people over, so tidy up a bit! And, for God’s sake, put some pants on…)

Sarah (aka The Butterfly), Pyrex in Wonderland – Yeah, she’s my kid. I really want to see her answers to the questions, though…

You others can do as you please, but know that I enjoy your blogs, and I think others will too.

Here’s this morning’s view of my snowless pond…

We’ve got snow showers in the forecast for tonight, but my weather-sense isn’t buying it.


24 thoughts on “Tag!

  1. Such a lovely pond. Such a great response to the Tagging. Such a fabulous woman! You are very welcome to use those seven descriptors about yourself as long as you understand there’s no way to rank them, given how outstanding you are at each and every one. Every time I learn something new about you I just have further reason to appreciate what a wonder you are and how fortunate I am to have crossed paths with you (so long after we were separated at birth)!

    Onward and upward!

    • Thanks, Sister-friend…
      You realize that the Universe HAD to seperate us, right? At the very least, we’d have driven an average set of parents over the edge, if raised in the same household. At most, we’d be in charge of everything by now!

  2. I never realized you’ve a pond on your little piece of Rhode Island. The 3 pics sure do say a lot about our weather this Winter, eh? One thing, though. You missed generous and kind in your self-description. Your caring for Li’l Angel is proof of both.

    • You’re so kind; thanks…
      I guess I took so many photos of the pond in the first year of the blog that I got tired of them…I don’t seem to have many from last year. With the Munchkin around, that’s sure to change – she’s fascinated by it.
      And her favorite animal is a FROG!

  3. Your picture of the snow on the trees over the pond “for just a minute” made me miss winter but now my minute is over. Brrrrr… Great to learn more about you and I am also glad to see that you get writing inspiration in jeans, pj’s and sweats… take care, BAM

    • Glad you got your snow fix! 🙂
      I once thought I’d get myself organized to write by dressing like I was going to ‘work’, right down to shoes and makeup…a week of that, and I realized how silly it was. Still want a feather boa, though.

  4. I enjoyed your questions and answers. I LOVE that you are still a southern girl inside!! My greatest fear for you is number 5. That has been my fear almost from her arrival at your house. Have fun, it will be 70 here today!!

  5. Thank you dear Marie, you are so nice as always. Once again your photographs fascinated me… I can’t believe what a snow there… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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